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  1. Aun asi, con las opciones daw existentes ... Seria increíble tener el proceso disponible en la misma unidad ... Y seria un lindo cierre para la generación (cierre q imagino, esta cada vez más cerca)
  2. Estamos de acuerdo de no poder replicar la pedalera de "the edge", pero con 3.0 podremos poner Overdrive, distorsión, bloque de Wah, amp, ir, reverb, delay y eq (no es una cadena muy pretensiosa) o dices que alcanzamos el límite dsp igualmente?
  3. ¿Y ... qué respuestas de la actualización 3.0?... sera el FW mas esperado por los dueños de hxstomp? ¡debo reconocer que tengo cierto bombo!
  4. textual response to the slogan of this thread (for those who plan to buy it, or for those who already have it and are angry because 6 blocks are not enough) well ... I have tried to understand the problem referred to in the 6 blocks ... considered to be a minimalist device designed to meet minimalist needs ... fits in any backpack, very comfortable ... well ... you can't have it all. My hx stomp (outdated old photo) is mounted on a nux stb4 pedalboard of approximately 40 cm and it is as if it had 8 blocks (sacrificing portability and a little convenience related to size) In my case, I open a shipment (type loop fx) at the beginning of the chain, the configuration would be more or less like this: 1 loop fx (send / return (block) if you enter by guitar in will not spend any slot, but it is a matter of taste) here I chain the following 3 pedals: * 2 cry baby mini (physical) 3 tube screamer mini (physical) 4 mooer yellow compressor (physical) 5 amp or preamp (block) * 6 go (block) * 7 reverberation (block) * 8 delay (block) 9 delay * 9 block (maybe an equalizer or a modulation, usually vacant) * * hx slots As you can see, I had to incur a series of additional expenses to meet a need, (screamer and wha in all my presets) I bought 3 physical pedals (3 inserted in a single block and I will stay 5 available), I actually have 8 blocks, as you can see, it is not that complicated, you have to spend a little more, if you only "need" more blocks it is a fetish and fetishes are usually expensive. If you consider the rumor that by 2020 through the FW 3.0 update, the HX Stomp would be left with 8 blocks, so in my case I will have 10 blocks, going back to the hx stomp if I needed more 6 blocks would have gone for a Helix or fractal, in my particular case more than 8 slots would be a circus fetish, I don't defend companies ... they don't give me anything for free, nor did they lower my price unit for having registered one unit for each generation since xt pod, I don't work in a store selling pedals neither guitars, so fanboy or brand lawyer can not accuse me ... just try to see what I am simply not going to buy a suzuki maruti to use as Ferrari, you should analyze well your needs before buying something, if you want to be the "SLASH" of your neighborhood you need a marshall, a lespaul and a top hat (simple needs) ... even if you are open minded with the small stomp and an epiphone lp will reach you well and make you happy ... but if you are a guitarist with complex needs with a chain of 8 processes or more, this is not your device. If update 3.0 brings the 8 blocks, (or not) I will be happy anyway, it doesn't kill me to fix them with 6 blocks, because I asked myself the question before buying. Every purchase must be aware and studied, now ... if you need the "THE EDGE" pedalboard, this device is not for you, then go to your favorite kiosk and order your LT with double cheese, headrush or even mooer ge 300 ... FW 3.0 could give you 8 slots but you are forgetting the DSP limit and temperatures by increasing the load of that cpu ... What if you made a mistake when buying the hx stomp? ... Oh, what a pity! ... the limitations of stomp were never tabu, in that case there is no more guilty than yourself ... you just had to investigate and think well before buying ... ...Thus Do your homework and investigate before buying anything. and as an audio engineer my friend says "the more effects you use the more damaged you can get into the mix" I hope it serves to guide new buyers rather than offend the good readers of this forum, good luck!
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