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  1. Thanks for the replies! I will have to get this sorted out this week. One thing I am thinking about is upgrading from the LT to the Floor, or the Rack. With the Rack, I like the idea that the brain of the Helix is not on the floor, and if the controller goes down, I can simply get it replaced and could still gig with the rack and no controller if I had to.
  2. Anyone else having issues with the expression pedal, specifically, with the Helix LT? My personal unit is still in for repair for it and something broke on the internal frame. My music store gave me a loner (gone for over 3 weeks for repair now), and the expression pedal on the loner just went this weekend. I'm not a heavy guy, put the Helix in the Helix Bag immediately after every gig. It seams the LT has a defect that doesn't make it great for regular gigging. Everything else about it is amazing!
  3. +1 for Helix bag. Worth the money. Very well built. My LT fits in with a little spare space as its footprint is slightly smaller then the Helix Floor. I'm thinking about getting some high density foam, cut out the inside for my SM58, and wedge it in the extra gap. All my cables, plus an extra patch and power cable, fit in the front pocket. Also my wireless (G10)!
  4. I believe it depends on how you have your footswitches set up in Global Settings - stomp only, stomp/snap, or snap/stomp. My Helix LT is set to stomp/snap, where I have 4 stomps on the top row and 4 snapshots on the bottom. If I hit the Mode switch, then it looses the snapshots and shows 8 stomps. If I wanted to see 8 snapshots, then I hit the up and down buttons simultaneously. My assumption is that if you by default run 8 stomps, then hitting mode with either bring up 8 presets, or 8 snapshots. Hopefully that provides some insight.
  5. I'm very keen to hear input on this. New Helix user here and have just done 3 gigs this past weekend with it and went over pretty good. I was running through a Yorkville E10 and my Alto TS210 just arrived today. I can already tell how I will need to adjust probably every patch to run through a true FRFR. It's a very different sound coming out and thinking it will change my line to the mixer next weekend (similar to your question). Do you run different setlists at home versus gig to compensate for the change in sound at the two different levels? I'm just searching for more info about that currently.
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