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  1. My guess: some of us use wireless, no amp, but are not quite happy with the guitar sound over in-ears (my case), coming direct from (whatever) device is being used. If the sound over the in ears was coming from a mic'ed amp, maybe it would be better...
  2. Even though the HX stomp says 3A, I saw a video from CIOKS measuring it around 1200mA. The Wah is rated 9 volt 200 mA. The Shure GLXD16 is 9-15 V, 250-400 mA. So my (absolute) newbie conclusion is that it would work, IF i use the amperage doubler cable, right?
  3. Would the Ojay power the HX stomp + Dunlop CryBaby +Shure GLDX16?
  4. Would the Ojay power the HX stomp + Dunlop CryBaby +Shure GLDX16?
  5. I have the shure GLDX and a good pair of in ears. Hated the in ears (so far). They seem too "dry" and in-your-face. I 'd like to try have a microphone in the room and listening to that mic over the in-ears. Maybe it'll get that room/amp feel that the HX-straight-2-in-ears seem to lack... Love the wireless, tho :).
  6. kaleidoskope

    HX Stomp

    Any turnaround to change the snapshot color? I found a turnaround to change snapshots name, but nothing on snapshots colors :(
  7. I'm building a small pedalboard with a Shure GDLX16, a CryBaby, a Mission expression and the HX stomp. I'd like to connect everything into a single power source ind the pedalboard (Pedaltrain Jr), so I can run only one power cable to the venue. Is there a turnaround I'm missing? Peace
  8. What about a case for the Helix + expression pedal (Mission Engineering EP1-L6-BK). Any options "ready made"?
  9. Thank you so very much for all your input. Been so helpful, you can't imagine. I ended up going with the snapshots (bottom row)/switches (upper row) setup. I don't have the patience it takes to have a per-song preset (and I'm fine with that :D). Basically, I use 4 basic sounds, from clean to heavy + few effects (mostly flange/phase/trem) + a boost with light drive and delay to solo over each sound. Seem to work so far. I just updated to 2.30 and have one quick question: which 2 amps would be your best choices to cover most sonic ground? I know it's a very personal taste thing, but I'm interested in your experiencies and opinions. Bear in mind that I don't play anything too heavy (trash/metal, for example). But in my cover band, we play stuff from "be my baby - the ronettes" to "cult of personality - living colour" (and this own stuff sounds like this https://open.spotify.com/album/1v75s8lyxj0KmIn6NepiTp). Peace!
  10. Wow! Thank you all for the kind and clear answers/advices! Thanx a lot! A few notes... I live in an appartement with not too much room in my tiny home studio. So when I'm sound-designing, my QSC is on the floor, facing me. I can't really go stage volume, that small room would tremble all over :D. Anyway. I'll try to book studio time just for that, it might be the best way. On the per-song-preset/snap: bear in mind that I'm as lazy as they come :D. That's one of the reasons I like the Helix's usability so much. But I wouldn't venture in making a per-song programming :D I have 2 main gigs. A cover band that plays live once or twice a month and an "original" project (kaleidoskope, check my signature) that is yet to be fully operational. The cover band plays blues, rock, poo, soul classics from the 50s to the 70s, so it requires a variety of sounds. But as the set-list tends to change from gig to gig, and there is no extreme distortion/overdrive king of sound, I think I can do with the snaps/pedals setup (even though I would love to have more amps to play with :D). I think I have to find the 2 most versatile amps and just build on that. The kaleidoskope thing is another beast altogether. I have songs from quite different styles and languages: pop, rock, blues, reggae, afro stuff, salsa, punk, soul... sometimes mixing "styles" within the same song. It's part of a wider artistic concept I'm trying to make happen. So in this context, I need to have a wider sonic landscape, I think. Not that the Helix doesn't have that, on the contrary. I'm guessing that in this context, I'd better start sound-designing on a per-song basis... At this point, for both gigs, I'm using the same setup, with snapshots on the bottom row and single effects on the top row, the controller being used to bring in the OD/boost + delay for the solo in each snapshot. The 2 amps I've been using are the Divided Two (clean to light crunch) and the Brit 2204 or the German Mahadeva (from crunch to rock and solo; still hesitating between those 2). I try to make a wet/dry on each amp, splitting after the cab for post amp effects and joining the signal at the end, just before a lo/hi eq cut (cut below 90Hz and above 8Kz)
  11. Hi there! I have my Helix for about a year now, used to be a proud AxeFx2 (v1) owner, traded it for a Suhr guitar and I am quite happy. I think that the AxeFx2 has better sounds and possibilities, but the usability is a nightmare for a guy like my that kinda dislike to RTFM. And the fact that I had to carry the extra pedalboard kinda annoyed me too. What I lost in programming options and sound quality, I gained in portability and usability. There are som things that I did with the AxeFx2 that I feel I won't be able to do with the Helix. That said, the Helix usability is second to none IMO. And the sound quality is not that far off, so... Here's the deal. I've been struggling to find the best setup for that thing, mainly fro live use. First the foot-switch configuration Presets: Plus: can use a lollipopload of amps and effects in several configuration, up to ten different "sounds" immediately available... Minus: no spillover delays, sound gap when changing presets, less imediate control over single effects... Snapshots Plus: No sound gap when switching between snapshots, more "logical/natural use/sounding" (we dont carry 20 amps and 54 pedals to a gig :)... Minus: less "gear" availability (only 2 amps, less simultaneous pedals, etc)... Then the sound design bit. At home and on the gigs I use a QSC K12 as my "amp". When the house needs me to go through the mix, I use the QSC as my stage amp. What I have been noticing is that when I'm happy with the sound I design @ home, most of the times, if I go direct throught the mixing board to the PA, I sound very diferent. Does that happen to you too? How can I minimise that difference in order to be "mostly" sure of my sound? And finally the guitars. Do you guys program sets of sound for different guitars? I have a telecaster and a Les Paul that sound (obviously) completely diferent through the same setup. My guess is that the only way to solve that is to tweak a bank for each guitar, Is that it? Thanx for reading so far and don't hesitate to chime in an give your 2 cents! Peace!
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