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  1. Haven't played too much with the individual settings too much yet, I've been having a blast downloading cloud effects. I've been dialing back the gain on many of them and have been happy with the results so far. It doesn't work for all of them like the 8bit one. It is neat, but only works with individual notes (like Smoke on Water or the Top Gun Anthem)
  2. My Samsung S7 does not work well, it recognizes the amp but won't let me change the tones and attempting to do a firmware update locked up my phone
  3. I think it helps if I have my guitar set to treble instead of rythym
  4. I use chords a majority of the time and the clean sounds are good for those, but a majority of the other effects sound horrible when playing chords. I just got the amp yesterday and I've been playing guitar for less than a year so I have a lot to learn yet. Any tips and advice would be appreciated, thanks!
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