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  1. Which pedals work well? Do you have it setup in the effects loop or in front of the pedal? Any experiences would be helpful.
  2. What was the power situation like on stage? Were you plugged into a surge protector?
  3. Where did you find a power supply for $20? The ones i saw on Sweetwater were $40. I only bought the $10 supply as backup
  4. Does anyone have any real world tips to get a better distortion tone? I have read the zanzibar guides and they helped a little but I still think this thing could sound a whole lot better. Are there certain steps you're following? Do you HAVE to use dual amp mode to get a good distortion? Do you have to use an overdrive pedal instead of an amp's distortion to get a good, tight tone? I'm looking for something in the range from Rock to 90s/Alternative, no metal. Something that is thick, gainy, lead/mid boost/punch. Think full bodied JCM900. No Scooped Mids. Right now I go XLR (L) straight in to the board. Master Vol on board=65. Treadplate>HiWay 4x12, 57 On Axis. Amp Parameters: Master=66, Sag and Hum=50. Bias=100 BiasX=75 Amp EQ: Drive=40. Bass and Mid=66, Treble=varies between venues=normally=10-40, Pres.=50, Ch.Vol=50(always) Mixer: Path A, Center +4.0db Path B=Mute Most of my effects are split. Boost/OD in front of amp and Noise Gate is after the mixer. My biggest complaint is that my tone is just flabby and digital sounding. I'll back off the bass and treble to get by at shows. Are there any tips you can provide or "ah-ha" moments when you were setting your tones? Thanks...
  5. I just got this one in the mail. It's rated at 2.5 amps but it still powers everything just fine and the barrel connector fits. For $10, it's well worth it.
  6. When you first plug in your Pod to a computer (initialize), the computer will upload all of the presets that you have on your pod. It's a default setting since you can "edit" patches on your pod without the EDIT software on your computer knowing about it. The computer will upload those changes and you can modify them from the EDIT program on your computer. Then, if you make any changes on EDIT you will need to send those newly changed patches back to your pod via usb. This will be the Send button near the picture of the POD 500 on EDIT software.
  7. What I did was download a level meter and monitor patch levels when i'm working in the EDIT software. I go in to computer from the HD500x via USB cable to use EDIT. If you run windows, has a few good meters that are free. I hope this suitable for what you're looking to do. -Eric
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