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  1. When I'm leveling my patches I always use the POD HD500x Edit program along with an output meter program on my computer. If you use the edit program on a mac you may have trouble locating a good meter that is compatible.
  2. You might want to go take a look at the OnSong app. It has midi control and I think it does backing tracking tracks as well. They have short (5-6 min) tutorial vids thoroughly explaining features and details of the app.
  3. I have been having issues with my Pod ever since purchasing and using cheaper pedal toppers. The ones I bought simply slip over the footswitch and do not use screws to set them in place. Over the course of a few months these toppers have managed to destroy 8 of the 10 tactile trigger switches on my Pod. These trigger switches do not make a 'click' anymore when engaged. This has lead to footswitches becoming unengaged in the middle of songs and the Bank Up/Down footswitch to randomly and sporadically change presets/banks.
  4. So I took the back cover off and hit the switches with Deoxit and sprayed the inside with compressed air because it was a little dusty. That seems to have fixed the good majority of the problems I was having. The only small issue I have now is if I hit the Preset Bank Up switch without clicking on a preset (flashing) and I hit the EXP pedal kind of hard, it will go up to the next bank. I don't foresee this being a issue on stage so I'm not overly concerned. The past month I have been leaving the unit out of it's case and on the floor. I guess it must have gathered some dust. I will lay a small towel over it when it's not in use going forward.
  5. *Update* I don't believe it's the actual EXP controller that is the culprit. It seems to be the preset's UP foot switch itself. It's very finicky. Contact with any footswitch or the EXP pedal is causing it to get stuck cycling through presets. The only fix i've tried so far that seems to work is to twist the UP switch counter-clockwise a few turns. This stops it from randomly cycling through the preset bank and allows me to choose a preset.
  6. If I push down the EXP pedal to 0, my patch bank switches to the next bank. How do I change this?
  7. You're at the limits of what the HD can do. That "short mute' is something you're just going to have to work around. Think of all the players that use a clean amp A/B'ed with a distorted amp (my former self included). Switching between those two amps is never 100% instantaneous. There is a noticeable delay, maybe a 0.5 second? You'll learn to switch over a little quicker and if you're playing with a band you should be able to hide it. You could try changing the FS mode settings to have the lower row, FX5-8, operate as your main amp channels and switch FX1-4 to ABCD mode to operate as your effects chain. Then, I would make two patches on the bottom row; FX7 for your clean channel, and FX8 for full on distortion. Then on FX7, on the ABCD mode, make one of FX1-4 your crunch tone. Another option is to ditch your clean channel all together for this song. Start out playing on the crunch channel and roll back your guitar volume to clean up your tone. Then turn up your volume when you get to Part B of the song and finally, switch on the distortion effect from ABCD mode. I forgot to mention that effects channels ( FX1-4) on ABCD mode switch on/off instantaneously so you won't get that delay between tones. Something else you could try is using the EXP pedal set to control the gain. Half way down could be your crunch and all the way down could be your full on distortion? Personally I think a lot of new users think that delay in switching patches seems like an eternity. You'll get used to it and you'll get craftier at knowing when you need to switch over. It just takes some time and practice. I've been gigging out with the HD500x for a few years now and hiding that 0.5 second is just second nature to me.
  8. If you want to save some money look around for a used, small keyboard case. That should give you a little extra room for the power supply and some cables.
  9. Just got my Mooer Radar a few days ago. Any tips or tweaks you find useful? Does it sound any different in the effects loop vs the Out of the Pod? I was kind of taken back at how much adding this in the effects loop affects the tone of a modeling patch. The software useability is atrocious and not smooth at all when loading or saving patches; tweaking seems to be instantaneous. Every IR i've downloaded sounds like a trebly mess before lots of eq'ing. I'm trying to add this pedal into the effects loop on my existing distortion patches. I may start from scratch and build around an IR. I will say though it has added that little extra oomph non-expensive modeling gear lacks. The proverbial "taking a blanket off a speaker" analogy is a good description. It livens up notes and gets rid of that piezo sounding deadness of my HD500x. I've yet to play with it in a full band scenario.
  10. Does anyone utilize that black plastic clip? Is there a proper way to use it? Pics would be appreciated.
  11. I use to set levels on all my patches. It's only for PC. I think you're going to want to find a base point on your pickup's volume and craft your patch levels around that mark. Ideally you don't want to accidentally bump the pickup volume because that could clip the rest of the signal down the path. That meter will let you know when you get into to clipping. Like the previous response said, I set the master on the pod at about 2 o'clock. I put tape on the pod and drew a mark at 2 o'clock to remind me.
  12. How are you liking the Mooer?? Are you running it after a pod or in the loop?
  13. I doubt it's the speaker. Make sure buttons aren't sticking then I'd check cables and their connections. I'm not too familiar with Pro X. Can you try a different input? XLR or 1/4"?
  14. Has anyone tried out one of these little pedals? Are they worth the $$$? I'd like to know if they're similar to the Logidy Epsi and only have one setting while in the effects chain. Or, can the HD500x call up different IR settings for different patches?
  15. For solos i like to add a studio eq and boost comp to FS4. I'm in a 4 piece with a rhythm guitarist and my sound focus is more around low mids for rhythm and mid boost during solos. These settings cut through and put me right on top of the mix. Of course, the gain settings are going to be relative to your gain structure. Studio EQ: 150Hz +2dB, 3KHz +2dB, Gain +3dB Boost Comp: Bass 40%, Comp 50%, Treb 50%, Drive 60%, Output 50%
  16. I'm looking for a patch that will recreate the middle position of a Les Paul. I don't need high gain, but rather a good, warm clean crunch to medium distortion. Any tips or tricks?
  17. I usually design or tweak all my patches on my PC with Workbench. While doing so I also have a decibel meter app open on my desktop. This allows me to see the volume levels of all my patches. I try to keep all distortion patches 2-4 db (usually -2db) below the peaks of my clean patches. I gig out and use in ears and i've never had a level issue.
  18. Has anyone tried doing this? I don't own an X3. Are the screen dimensions similar? *edit* I guess I should be more clear. What i'm wanting to attempt is to take out a broken LCD screen in a floor unit, X3 Live, and replace it with a functioning LCD screen from a regular, old, red Pod X3 unit.
  19. Go into Line 6 edit software(or manually), go to Mixer screen. Make sure none of the amp's parameters are controlled by footswitches/controllers. If that doesn't work, i'd post your question as a New Topic.
  20. I just got an auxiliary pedal for the EXP2 slot. What i'm trying to do is to leave the Wah effect set to EXP2, but in either heel up/down, i want to be able to bypass the effect. Can the min/max parameters be set to bypass the effect? I was hoping to get away from setting the wah to the factory EXP2 pedal and engaging it with the toe switch. Some songs I play require a quick wah on and off.
  21. I just received an email from a rep that the Sonic Blue JTV69 is discontinued in that finish and no longer available. So, it looks like that is it for the humbucker JTV69 models? Has anyone read anything to clarify this?
  22. What are some things to watch out for when buying a used JTV-69 from a private seller? I understand that I would need to cycle through all the on-board options through an amp. Besides the usual neck shape, fret buzz, dead notes, anything else I should be aware of? Is the "plink" problem noticeable unplugged? What accessories should come with the purchase? Gig bag, battery/charger, VDI cable?? Are older models on par with new models?
  23. Can you leave a variax and non-variax guitar plugged into the pod at the same time? If the variax is running a VDI cable and the other guitar is your standard 1/4", technically you could set the patch input to whichever input i'd need for that specific guitar, correct?
  24. I'm starting to research the different Variax models and I just want to be sure what I want to do is available on certain models with my HD500x. I guess the most intriguing feature that i've read about so far is being able to have patches with certain alternate tunings and/or 12 string simulators built in to my patches. Is this only done through instruments or pods with a VDI connector? Also, which software allows me to change the tunings? Is it done in L6 Edit or Workbench? Which models available are compatible with the HD500x that will allow me access to these tuning features?
  25. Like the title says... i'm looking to rig up a fairly hot single coiled sized humbucker in one of my strats (bridge) for live shows. Will I need to do to a lot of tweaking to my patches so they don't clip or distort? Does anyone use the same distortion patches for either pickup setup?
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