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  1. It depends on how your ear defines "honkiness", for me that's right around 1.4KHz, and it's actually not un-common to encounter those every once a while. Try use a parametric EQ cut at 1.4KHz with Q-size=4, and reduce gain by -2 ~ -6 to see how the "honkiness" responds :-)
  2. Is that the new ELX200 12p speaker laying on the right of Line6 L2T? How do you like/compare the EV with the line6? Thank you :)
  3. Sorry I meant earlier that I am NOT sure if they are the same issue. Despite our trust on line 6 devs, I think it’s prudent to open a support ticket to make sure or confirm they are indeed aware of this issue. On another note, I am surprised that not many other folks have found / complained the same issue. Though not clear from my single FRFR, The right side heavy sound is quite obvious on a headphone.
  4. I am now sure they are actually the same issue. Someone better open a support ticket on this one.
  5. Hi Fremen, do you plan to update the packs now that 2.50 is released? Thank you :-)
  6. Hi guys, here are a couple of my favorite patches that I'd like to share. I spent quite a few hours to dial them in. They sound really good (at least to my ear) with either my DT880 and my FRFR (ELX200-12P). I uploaded them to line6's custom tone here: https://line6.com/customtone/profile/yingwuzhao Though I have tons of IRs, but I found I can dial in very similar or better tones via a pair of Helix's cabs than any IR I imported. There are 5 clean tones, 1 crunchy and 2 lead tones. Let me know how you like them, and which one do you like the best. Enjoy :-)
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