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  1. Hi guys, here are a couple of my favorite patches that I'd like to share. I spent quite a few hours to dial them in. They sound really good (at least to my ear) with either my DT880 and my FRFR (ELX200-12P). I uploaded them to line6's custom tone here: https://line6.com/customtone/profile/yingwuzhao Though I have tons of IRs, but I found I can dial in very similar or better tones via a pair of Helix's cabs than any IR I imported. There are 5 clean tones, 1 crunchy and 2 lead tones. Let me know how you like them, and which one do you like the best. Enjoy :-)
  2. yingwuzhao

    Gemini II Honk

    It depends on how your ear defines "honkiness", for me that's right around 1.4KHz, and it's actually not un-common to encounter those every once a while. Try use a parametric EQ cut at 1.4KHz with Q-size=4, and reduce gain by -2 ~ -6 to see how the "honkiness" responds :-)
  3. yingwuzhao

    Anyone Else Underwhelmed?

    Is that the new ELX200 12p speaker laying on the right of Line6 L2T? How do you like/compare the EV with the line6? Thank you :)
  4. yingwuzhao

    Glitz reverb stereo image is unusual

    Sorry I meant earlier that I am NOT sure if they are the same issue. Despite our trust on line 6 devs, I think it’s prudent to open a support ticket to make sure or confirm they are indeed aware of this issue. On another note, I am surprised that not many other folks have found / complained the same issue. Though not clear from my single FRFR, The right side heavy sound is quite obvious on a headphone.
  5. yingwuzhao

    Glitz reverb stereo image is unusual

    I am now sure they are actually the same issue. Someone better open a support ticket on this one.
  6. yingwuzhao

    Glitz reverb stereo image is unusual

    the same here, is this normal...?
  7. yingwuzhao

    Fremen's Helix presets

    Hi Fremen, do you plan to update the packs now that 2.50 is released? Thank you :-)