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  1. Well I guess I found the answer to my quest, trying to find the SpiderV-tonecloud´╗┐, it doesn't exsist for the PC. One of the selling points was to be able to download "thousands" of profiles from the cloud. Not for PC users it seems, odd since there are 2 to 3 times more PC users than MAC users.
  2. I have a Spider V 60 Watt I'm not really into the line 6 presets, I'm looking to build my own sound. With Spider V remote on my laptop I open User 1 and choose an amplifier in PC remote, no effects. I'm using headphones as I live in a condo and even at a very low sound level I get clipping. I turn down the guitar, I turn down the amp volume, I turn down the master volume and I get clipping. What's going on?
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions on PocketPod settings to get a Leslie West sound. There's nothing available for the PP and I'm not doing to well on my own. Thanks
  4. I have a Pocket Pod and I'm slowly learning how to create custom profiles. I have very little use for the pre-loaded profiles. At best I use a few as a starting point to my own profiles. Is there a way to save them all to disc at once? I've selected all and hit save but in only lets me save the first file in the selection. I really don't want to save 124 profiles individually to disk. Thanks Steve
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