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  1. Hi all. So I've been told by Line 6 support to return my HX Effects for a replacement as they think the -28 boot error is in fact a hardware issue. So I've spent a lot of time programming multiple presets all with 4 snapshots for key parts of songs, I don't want to lose ll that work so I've run a backup using HX Edit which seemed to work fine but after reading a report that a restore does not restore snapshot settings I'm concerned. Can anybody please tell me if they have had success restoring to the HX Effects and retained all settings including snapshots? Thanks
  2. I've been there and some of these ideas are already suggested so I've given my support and made some additional suggestions. Please go there, sign up and promote these ideas of you would like to see them considered. Many thanks for the link. http://line6.ideascale.com Edit: I've added links to each suggestion in the original post.
  3. Couldn't agree more. It's great using the preset view to select presets, but then having to try and press UP and Down at the same time to get back to snapshots is a horrible UI design. If it jumped to Snapshot view after selecting a Preset it would be great (obviously as an option for those who don't use snapshots), but even if it was manual so you just press Mode ofter choosing a preset to go to snapshot view and then Mode again to go to Stomp view it would be great. Having any view you need only 2 presses away on the mode switch would be a lot more intuitive than the horrible 2 button balancing act. The down side of course would be that if you were in snapshot view and pressed Mode to go to stop view, you would need to press mode twice to get back to snapshot view. Thats probably why they used the two button thing. I'd prefer just to press it twice personally. Another option would be to just hold down the mode button to return to preset view.
  4. After using the HX effects for a while I've realised there are quite a few things that I'd love to see added to the device. I'm hoping none of these would count as asking too much of the hardware as obviously the HX is a lower cost item than the helix and hence any expectations should reflect that. All these ideas and more have been posted at the Line 6 Ideascale website where there take notice of suggestions, please follow the links to register and vote on these and other ideas. 1. Allow a 6 snapshot view It would be so useful to have more than four snapshots for some songs so why not have a '6 snapshot' view option in the same way as there's a 6 preset view? As to how to navigate after removing the UP/DOWN buttons please see point 2. Vote for this idea 2. Change the snapshot mode buttons Having to press the UP and DOWN buttons at the same time to navigate in and out of snapshot mode and then use the Mode button to switch between snapshots and stomp modes is really clunky and unintuitive. It would be so much easier if the mode button simply toggled between all three views (Presets / Snapshots / Stomp). Vote for this idea 3. Rise and Fall times on Footswitch effect controls Its great that you can define parameter changes to be controlled by a standard switch, pitch shifting for example is good as you can press a switch and have the note shift accordingly with a momentary function. This however would be so much more powerful if you could define a rise and fall time so that when you press the switch it takes the defined time to reach full effect and then a defined time to fall again when released. Vote for this idea 4. Reset Snapshots with a 2nd press I really enjoy having the snapshots set so that any changes made stay active whilst remaining in that preset. It would be nice however to be able to revert to the saved settings when required. This could be done by pressing the current snapshot button again once it's already active. Vote for this idea 5. Grouped switches It would be great to be able to define specific switches as a group so that when one switch in that group is enabled, the others are disabled. One example of this is controlling a 3 or 4 channel amp in stomp view. At the moment you have to define an on/off switch for each of the channels on the amp and then switch one off before turning the next on. The ability to set a group parameter for each switch would solve this. For instance if switches 1 - 4 were all set to (Group 1) then pressing any of the switches in the group would switch off the other three. You could even have multiple groups if required. Vote for this idea 6. Add a 'neither' option to Instant Message Ext Amp commands. At present it's possible to send three states to each of the Ext Amp output jacks via instant messages, Tip, Ring, or Tip + Ring. There is however no way to send neither tip nor ring meaning that one of the control options is not possible. (note, this can be achieved by defining two switches to do the same function so it is possible in the hardware). Vote for this idea What about you, any suggestions? If you agree on any points please leave a comment.
  5. How were you sending the commands? I've found it's possible to do this using two buttons in a preset but not using instant messages. With two buttons you assign one to channel 2 and the 2nd to channel 3, when both are off the amp switches both channels off and reverts to clean. The Instant messages however do not include an option to make both Tip and Ring disengage, it only allows tip, ring, or both so you can't get back to clean.
  6. Same here, I just submitted a ticket. Many facebook users on the groups have exactly the same message, some have had units replaced to discover the same error. Hopefully something that can be resolved in the firmware.
  7. I agree, HX Effects needs a separate forum as reading some of the Helix posts is confusing.
  8. I'm using the HX Effects with a Mesa Roadster. I have successfully programmed snapshots to switch the amp to channel 1 (Ext 2 (tip) and channel 3 (Ext 2 (ring). Is there a way way to disengage both ring and tip though? It feels as though there should be a 'none' option in the list of settings as well as tip and ring. If there is a way to have neither the ring or the tip grounded I would in theory be able to use three channels but it seems like once the tip or the ring is grounded you can only choose one or the other. Any tips appreciated (excuse the pun!)
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