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  1. Have a 6-month old JTV-89F connected via VDI cable to a POD 500X of the same vintage. Recently started experiencing complete volume dropouts intermittently. I just updated the JTV firmware this morning from 2.00 to 2.10 along with the HD Workbench but haven't tested yet. Any ideas? Bad cable perhaps?
  2. tmullin1017

    How To Uninstall Hd500x Edit

    Evidently it is a standalone .EXE file. Only found one key in the registry for it and it looks like a file association spec.
  3. tmullin1017

    How To Uninstall Hd500x Edit

    Thanks for the tip, tried that first, not listed in the uninstall programs dialog. Can't see where to do it in Monkey or the Line6 uninstall utility.
  4. tmullin1017

    How To Uninstall Hd500x Edit

    Trying to resolve an issue with my laptop. After trying to flash HD500X which failed and now the unit appears to be bricked, my laptop USB ports (4) are non-functional. Can't see where to uninstall the edit software. Trying to clear all Line6 software to try to restore USB functionality. Any help is appreciated!