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  1. After making my original post, I realized I'm using Bluetooth MIDI with a new adapter that seemed to be working. I bought two of them, different manufacturers. I switched to the other one on the Helix and my problem disappeared. That was after trying with a regular MIDI cable and it worked OK. I am perplexed about Command Center assignments. I thought they had to be established separately for each snapshot, saving each change. Then it looked like if I made assignments on snapshot 1, they also showed up in the other snapshots. Which kind of worked, but then on another patch when I was on a snapshot other than 1 and made and assignment, it seemed like all the snapshot reverted to 'default' values (not the values I set) and had to be fixed. I've watched a bunch of YouTube and read the manual but haven't found anything that addresses the topic of Command Center assignments versus snapshots.
  2. Even after updating to 3.11 yesterday I'm still having the same issue: using snapshots, the MIDI note assignments in Command Center don't seem to 'stick' and keep reverting to default values after changing from one snapshot to another, after saving the patch in each snapshot before moving on. But an even bigger issue for me is I'm trying to trigger samples in Koala sampler on iPad. When I first started trying it, it worked great, then suddenly it didn't. I can play the exact same MIDI note on my keyboard and the sample triggers every time. But the same MIDI note played from Helix Command Center refuses to trigger the sample. I have a second sample 'silence' on the same choke group, pressing the second Helix stomp button assigned to it kills (choke) the playing non-silence sample. But to trigger that first sample and play it I have to tap the iPad screen. I've tried 'momentary' and 'latching' settings on Helix MIDI note in Command Center, does not help. On the keyboard, a simple key press and let up, the sample plays.
  3. Have a 6-month old JTV-89F connected via VDI cable to a POD 500X of the same vintage. Recently started experiencing complete volume dropouts intermittently. I just updated the JTV firmware this morning from 2.00 to 2.10 along with the HD Workbench but haven't tested yet. Any ideas? Bad cable perhaps?
  4. Evidently it is a standalone .EXE file. Only found one key in the registry for it and it looks like a file association spec.
  5. Thanks for the tip, tried that first, not listed in the uninstall programs dialog. Can't see where to do it in Monkey or the Line6 uninstall utility.
  6. Trying to resolve an issue with my laptop. After trying to flash HD500X which failed and now the unit appears to be bricked, my laptop USB ports (4) are non-functional. Can't see where to uninstall the edit software. Trying to clear all Line6 software to try to restore USB functionality. Any help is appreciated!
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