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  1. I've got a license for 150$ USD if anyone's looking for one. Email me joel (dot) ouellette (at) gmail (dot) com
  2. The MXR is more his modern tone, not necessarily brown sound. It's supposed to sound like the EVH 5150 III amp. If you do want to use it though, put it in the FX loop of the Helix and then insert that block as your amp instead. I think that would work, because from what I understand, it's more of a pre-amp/amp in the box pedal than a distortion pedal. Maybe someone who actually has the pedal can correct me if I'm wrong there. I think you can get much closer with the Placater (Friedman BE) model with a Greenback cab or IR and some EQ. Check out Jason Sadites videos on youtube for EQ/MIC/split-crossover, etc... tricks.
  3. I just had pretty much the same experience. My LT is currently in for repairs. The expression pedal broke a couple days after my 1 year warranty. I opened a ticket with line 6, and reached out to Frank Ritchotte as well, and they took care of me. Line 6's support is really top notch. I did the same and dropped it off at Long and McQuade, and they're great as well. The guy at the store said the turnaround for Yorkville is typically a week or two. He also said they're pretty flexible if you're just barely past warranty, they'll try and help you out. May have helped my case that a batch of LTs had a know manufacturing issue, so they agreed to cover it, but either way, they go out of their way to make sure you're happy.
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    Does this seem match what you're experiencing?
  5. Have you tried the Archon with a V30 cab? I've got a patch setup with the free ownhammer recto cab IR you can download from their site, with a R121 mic (not a fan of the dynamic mics). I prefer the Minotaur in front of it rather than an 808, but that may just be personal preference. Also check out Jason Sadites videos on youtube about the cross-over split trick to tune the cabs/mics. Got some really good results with that. Also, maybe not in that ballpark you're looking for, but the new BE-100 with a greenback cab sounds pretty amazing for mid to high gain stuff.
  6. I'm pretty much the same as you. I don't gig, or record, and I bought the LT. Some may say it's overkill, but if you can afford, do it. You will be really happy. You don't necessarily need the full helix in your situation, the LT would be more than enough. At the end of the day, I had spent more on an EVH 5150 amp, a couple pedals and a two notes torpedo CAB to get 1 really good sound, versus the plethora of options I now have with the helix. FRFR is great, but if bedroom playing is the only thing you're doing, a decent set of headphones will do the trick until you can pick up an FRFR speaker.
  7. Just wondering. Anyone using the Helix with a 15" FRFR speaker, and does it work well? Is there too much bottom end that can't be effectively dialed out? I've searched quite a bit and can't really find anything on the subject. I know everyone recommends 10" or 12", but there's a sale right now where the 15" version of a speaker I'm looking at is actually cheaper than it's 10" brother. For guitar, should I stay away from the 15"? The Specific speaker is the Yorkville YX15p. I had read a recommendation, maybe here or somewhere else, that the Yorkville yx10p was a good choice for the Helix, but I haven't seen it on sale since.
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