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  1. Haekki

    2.8 bug (xlr output)

    Thanks for the info, rd2rk!
  2. Haekki

    Helix Bug Reports

    Firmware - 2.80.0 Global Settings - XLR Outputs LINE Bug - XLR output volume lower after firmware update (Helix LT) 1. Power on Helix LT, XLR Outputs already set to LINE 2. Output volume lower than usual 3. Changing XLR Outputs from LINE to MIC and back to LINE 4. Output volume now is the same as before the update 5. Switch off Helix LT and turn it on again 6. XLR Outputs already set to LINE, but output volume is low again
  3. Haekki

    2.8 bug (xlr output)

    Hey kimyesik, I have the same bug! I updated from 2.70 and went through all the steps including restoring the global settings from my backup. Everything else seems to work fine.