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  1. Same thing happening over on another thread see link below - all my machines running native in logic pro projects for clients/myself are now essentially USELESS,,,,, line 6 have apparently recognised this a legit BUG they have apparently fixed said BUG already - there is no release date forthcoming from line 6, we just have to wait till they decide to allow us to use the software we purchased for the use it was purchased, seems fair and great way to build brand loyalty. thanks so much line 6 -
  2. Thanks for the advice but I don't think I should have to spend my time "kicking up a fuss" because a product we paid for is now not functional [inturn costing me/ my clients & students time and money] really have too much work to do to be chasing up Line 6 over this, I'll just make sure not to buy or recommend any of there products in future if this is what their support is like; shame that yamaha allow this kind of behaviour to exist/persist , you'd expect more than this from them at least; have forwarded them correspondence re; this issue and the way it is being handled. Hopefully line 6 will release an intermediary fix for native users as this not a very professional way of supporting their own products - otherwise for owners of native its just a waiting game; As a final recourse will have to call my credit card provider in the morning about having this refunded if there is still no word from line 6 about a REAL fix date for this ridiculousness by then.
  3. All ahem "work arounds" tried and failed! Rollback to previous version = failed. It is logged as a BUG that line 6 have fixed for next release of native, no release date forthcoming; so to be very CLEAR - until line 6 choose to release a REAL FIX, I and other users have a non working version of native that we paid good money for. Very happy that you and one other user in this thread have ahem working versions of native on your macs; as a mac engineer and certified logic trainer, I find that even more curious...
  4. Seriously this is Line 6's official response - this BUG is bricking all of my working systems [NOW] running logic with any guitar done thru native, while you may have "no timeline on when this release will be" & "we have since fixed that bug" - your response in this instance is just infuriating from someone who has purchased this software @ full price and is now unable to use it any way - I am now having to recreate guitar sounds using guitar rig and amplitube, both are behaving as they should and are not DESTROYING/halting many peoples active working projects..... Thanks so much Line 6 - when you feel ready to share the solution with us instead of just gloating about it that'd be great - in the interim you may consider REFUNDING the purchase cost of this software as it is now utterly USELESS to many users... :(
  5. sony mdr 7506 sound great - a bargain really considering
  6. Had mine for about a week and its doing the same as yours, upgraded to 2.7 - factory rest.... no improvement. Is there an actual fix for this or did I buy a paperweight?
  7. Thanks for your replies, I have contacted the shop I bought it from and Yamaha directly as they look after Line 6 support in my country. I really am wary of using this product as I never know when it will lock up; am scared of it bricking itself during a show. Buying a gen 1 product is always risky, as this an extension of the helix product line I thought I'd be safe... Lesson learnt, perhaps I should have bought an LT instead..... :(
  8. HX Stomp brand new - upgraded to 2.7 - Froze up when running 2.6.5 and has done so again since upgrading to 2.7 - I was never doing anything more taxing than running stock patches it shipped with when it locked up/became unresponsive [had to hard reset by switching on/off unit - have also tried restoring it to factory defaults] HX Stomp only ever used in a temperature controlled room but still noticed it gets a bit warm. At this point I would not trust it to do a session or a show because of it randomly freezing/locking up, other than that I really like it. What would people suggest I do, will a replacement behave any differently; I here quite a few early adopters are experiencing the same problems.......:(
  9. Too the first respondent, am running Helix Native 1.7 - So Phil not supported and cannot be imported into Native Currently...... Thats a real workflow killer, copying/pasting blocks one by one is also a huge pain in the ###..... Would it be too much to ask for just a simple "copy all blocks/paste all blocks" option if Line 6 in their wisdom will not allow importing of presets or setlists from the HX Stomp which is primarily what I was sold this unit for. I thought integration across Helix products would be more seamless than it is especially since Yamaha is now involved. The usb implementation on the HX Stomp is also not very good, you'd think Line 6 could learn how to write a slick driver for this baby Helix - snap crackle pop.... I may return this because of these issues and wait till Line 6 hopefully fix/refine these ommisions/quality control issues with future firmware/hx updates.... I really wanted to like it and work with it but this is not helping.
  10. Bought HX Stomp - Upgraded firmware all good, upgraded HX Edit as well to 2.7 [then copied all presets off & saved a setlist off Stomp through HX Edit to my Mac] now I get this revolting error msg that will not allow me to import those setlists or presets into my Helix Native plugin. Reinstalled HX Edit 2.7 again NO LUCK. see image below..... HELP this is driving me insane, cheers.
  11. I am able to map and use my Line 6 FBV express II to control wah and expression parameters to record in Logic Pro X thanks to the latest Native update [before that it was not functional] HOORAH! Been itching for this, anyone else?
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