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  1. I came over from an 11R after initially feeling totally underwhelmed by Native. I was using the 11R as an interface and just couldn’t get it to sound good. I read around and saw that others had issues getting native to sound decent without L6 interfaces so I took the plunge, thinking I could return or sell the Helix unit if it still wasn’t good. So glad I did, it all sounds totally different when using the Helix unit. I love my LT!
  2. Sure I saw a video where Chris Letchford from Scale the Summit said he now uses helix.
  3. Do they only have Mesa cabs or are there others? Could only find the Mesa ones.
  4. Griffo_

    Helix LT vs Ax8

    A guy on YouTube called Mitch Baker has done extensive comparisons of the Helix and AX8. To me, there's nothing in it - some amps I prefer the Helix, some the AX8.
  5. So I recently got my Helix LT and i'm loving it, but can't help but think i'm not doing it justice by using it through my old Sennheiser HD201. I've been reading on the forum, and it seems a lot of people like the beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio Headphones (80 Ohm) so I've been thinking of getting some. Will these be much of an upgrade from my Sennheisers? Cheers!
  6. I really like it and have it on my Helix. What IR are you using? I've been using some OwnHammer blends of a Deluxe Reverb and AC30 that sound good with it, but curious to see what you use with it, as it doesn't mention it in the info.
  7. Took delivery of my Helix LT - even the stock presets sound good. Using the unit got the feeling back when i plugged in and played. I guess I didnt have my 11R set up properly for Native. Feels like an amp when i play now, not just a VST! It's hard to explain the feeling/sound. Sounds/feels "spongy" like a real amp. Looking forward to getting the presets i enjoyed with Native onto this and seeing how awesome they sound now I have the proper interface :D
  8. So I have had an Eleven Rack for a pretty long time and like the sounds I get from it. I keep hearing awesome demos of the Helix so I’m pretty close to pulling the trigger, BUT... I’ve been using my Eleven Rack as an interface to try Helix out using Helix Native (meant to sound the same, right?) and I’m feeling massively underwhelmed by it, even when using impulse responses. I’ve purchased some Helix presets and they just don’t sound anything like they do in the YouTube videos, even when using a similar guitar and the same IR. Is this because I’m using the Eleven Rack as the interface? I boosted the input too. Will it improve when using the Helix LT interface? Cheers!
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