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  1. Quite bluntly, no! I have tried Samsung Galaxy S5, S8 and Tab Pro 12.2. It would appear that a previous post was accurate in that basically Android 6 and above just don't work. Only just bought the Spider V 60W and it sounds brilliant, but without the capability of editing and saving to the amp it loses the very reason for buying it, and unless I can get it to connect it will be returned as "faulty" as it fails on a critical feature. I bought this rather than a Marshall CODE for its greater range of facilities, and having read of problems with Bluetooth connection on the Marshall. You desperately need to put some developer resource into the Android App and make it work on phones and tablets made in the last 5 years, rather than just on ipads (on which I assume it must work). Also, how can you not have a PC based version of the App which would be guaranteed to connect and work if your USB slave coding is correct in the Spider V?