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  1. Thanks. I'll definetly try that when I get the hardware. But for the first question, I was more wondering how it is on a real non-master volume tube amp.
  2. I was wondering basically two things. First of all, on a real tube amp that doesn't have a master volume, does the power amp volume stay on full or does it increase/decrease with the preamp gain? Secondly, is there a way to link two parameters on the helix so that you can roll one knob to increase/decrease them together?
  3. I didn't try it yet, but I will. The problem has more or less been solved though I'm not sure how
  4. I recently got the free trial of helix native to see if the helix was for me. I've been looking at it for a long time. Now that I have it, all my tones are muddy. When I record, the notes sound like one long jumbled and distorted mess. I record through a Scarlett 2i2 with the input gain super low because that helps. My question is, how would I fix this? Is it the Scarlett's gain that's the problem? Would the helix floor or rack have the same issues recording through that input as opposed to recording through a separate interface? Thanks
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