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  1. Hi, is it possible to run it on linux? Will wine be ok? does anyone tried?
  2. DexterGamer

    Line 6 monkey under Linux

    Hi, does anyone tried installing Pod Farm 2.5 on linux? Or using UX2 interface on linux?
  3. DexterGamer

    UX2/ POD Farm 2 Headphone EQualizer

    I know that, but what about playing music trough web browser? How do I change EQ? That's why I asked if that's possible trough Pod Farm.
  4. DexterGamer

    UX2/ POD Farm 2 Headphone EQualizer

    I would like to add treble or bass to my headphones while listening to music.
  5. Hi, I'm total newbie, can someone please tell me how can I use an Equalizer for my headphones in POD Farm 2?
  6. Hello. I got a question, is it possible to set up the dB Meters on the interface seperately for Mic & Headphones?
  7. Hi, I'm new here and mainly to audio interfaces etc. I have an Line 6 UX2 Interface, and I would like to connect speakers to them, I was looking at KRK mainly because of lack of knowledge. So basically, I want great audio with big bass. Mainly for Music and sometimes music production, I do have an old Logitech z-5500 (Pls do not laugh :D ) And I want something much better right now. So the system KRK 6in RP6 G3 / x2 (R+L) + KRK 10S2-UK 10" Will that system be good? I would love to hear your advices, as you guys are the pros here not me, The TOTAL budget would be £800-900 to maximum £1000 Also, again please don't laugh, what type of cables I would need to connect those KRK's and any other systems you might suggest. Thank you all in advance for help. very appreciate it.