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  1. Hi, is it possible to run it on linux? Will wine be ok? does anyone tried?
  2. Hi, does anyone tried installing Pod Farm 2.5 on linux? Or using UX2 interface on linux?
  3. I know that, but what about playing music trough web browser? How do I change EQ? That's why I asked if that's possible trough Pod Farm.
  4. I would like to add treble or bass to my headphones while listening to music.
  5. Hi, I'm total newbie, can someone please tell me how can I use an Equalizer for my headphones in POD Farm 2?
  6. Hello. I got a question, is it possible to set up the dB Meters on the interface seperately for Mic & Headphones?
  7. Hi, I'm new here and mainly to audio interfaces etc. I have an Line 6 UX2 Interface, and I would like to connect speakers to them, I was looking at KRK mainly because of lack of knowledge. So basically, I want great audio with big bass. Mainly for Music and sometimes music production, I do have an old Logitech z-5500 (Pls do not laugh :D ) And I want something much better right now. So the system KRK 6in RP6 G3 / x2 (R+L) + KRK 10S2-UK 10" Will that system be good? I would love to hear your advices, as you guys are the pros here not me, The TOTAL budget would be £800-900 to maximum £1000 Also, again please don't laugh, what type of cables I would need to connect those KRK's and any other systems you might suggest. Thank you all in advance for help. very appreciate it.
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