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  1. Looks like nothing changed from 2014... :/ I run Pod Farm 2.5 and I need to control some parameters over midi controller while recording. So I hit Learn on PF and tweak the slider on controller connected via Mac (of course visible and activated in PF's settings) After that only one thing changes - Clear function is active under right mouse button. So it simply doesn't work. Please don't tell me to log a ticket. I can't see any hope doing this.
  2. Ok, so I bought an old Tone Port UX2, registered the device which looks to work fine but I get the No POD Farm 2 License Found error when launching any plugin or standalone. I didn't catch that... I didn't purchase any soft as it was an addition to piece of gear for me. Now I've changed a gear and can run both standalone and plugin only in a demo mode.
  3. Ok, what if I have a broken one which is newer (black front) and replace it by the old red one? Is this compatible with my current plugins? Do I need to create an account, or just change the serial in my existing?
  4. Hi everyone! Unfortunately I have the same issue. Everytime I switch to show input it turns back to output. Do you have any ideas? I'm on Mac and Preference Pane Version 3.61
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