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  1. mine heats up (significantly) too.. doesn't seem to fully charge (keep flashing green), and seems to drain out "red" after just 20-30 mins of use... help!!!
  2. I got a reply from Line6 and it seems like the adapter is now shipped along with the G10. Went back to my distributor, and they opened a newly arrived shipment of G10 transmitters, and true enough the adapter was in there!! So my distributor gave me the adapter (in time for my church worship tomorrow!!) and will order / obtain a replacement adapter from Line6. Well done!! More importantly, the problem was solved, and the G10 now works with my LL-TA... Yes, the adapter managed to do the trick. Thanks to Line6 and my local distributor (Yamaha) for their speedy response.
  3. My G10 does not work with my guitar (Yamaha LL-TA). Power / lights on, but no output. It seems to work fine with my other guitar (Yamaha APX). The LL-TA works fine when plugged into amp with cable, so can't be LL-TA's problem. But since G10 works ok with APX, it can't be G10's problem either. Are there some compatibility issues? Help, need help quick as i have a gig this Sunday! If the issue is really as described in the PDF document, i think it is incumbent on line6 to provide the necessary adapter/s to make sure that i am able to use your product without a hitch. In the alternative, there must be some warning / exclusion somewhere to state its compatibility limitation. What is on the box is clearly misleading and a misrepresentation!!
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