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  1. you may have maxed out your number of allowed authorizations. I did this by trying the demo several times and then once i finally got a helix i had to rebuild my pc a several times too. I assumed that each time i reauthorized it the old authorisation would get voided, but this wasn't the case and i reached the limit. There was no warning on the helix that this was the error it just wouldn't let me authorize it go to https://line6.com/account/devices/ and try Deauthorizeing everything that is there, then reauthorize your current version.
  2. I really do not recommend getting this, I had one for about 2 months before it broke. I opened it to see what had happened and it turns out the entire gear and pivot mechanism is plastic, the gear had fallen to pieces. The outer case may be well built but internals are crap. I've read a few reviews / forum posts now saying this is a common issue on these.
  3. yeap a standard mono guitar cable is what you need.
  4. Any pedal will work, just us a TS / mono cable with it instead of a TRS / stereo cable. The TS cable will join together the R and S poles in the expression pedal and convert the internal Pot from a Potential divider to a variable resistor. This causes no harm to the expression pedal at all and means it can still be re used with any other type of pedal, by just swapping back to a TRS cable. Regarding the polarity switch on the some expression pedals, what it does is flip the internal Pot's output so down is up and up is down. The helix can do this internally, in the global settings, so you gain nothing from having this on the pedal. I am using a Boss EV-30, which is a TRS style pedal, and using it with a standard TS / mono guitar patch lead, it works great. I have also used other expression pedals like this and they all work fine with my Helix HX
  5. Any expression pedal with a 10k linear pots should work fine, which is most of them. You just need to connect it with a TS / mono jack cable, rather than the more common TRS / stereo jack cable. Almost all devices that use expression pedals need a TRS / stereo jack cable, but line 6 for some reason decided to do it differently to everyone else. If you use the usual TRS / stereo jack cable then it can act strangely, but swap it for a normal TS / mono jack cable i.e. a guitar pedal patch lead and it should work fine. I'm using a Boss EV 30 at the moment, with a TS cable, and prior to that I used an old hard-wired M audio EX-P, I just cut of the TRS jack and soldered on a TR jack instead. A generic expression pedal does not need to be modded you just need to use the correct cable with it.
  6. Hi, I've just posted an idea for improving the effects loops so they don't use up any effects processing slots. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/An-eco-mode-effects-loop-that-use-no-processing-slots/941635-23508 I'm using the HX effects, so I have 9 effect blocks to play with, but I use two of these up with two separate effects loops for my analogue gear. I understand the effect loops have some cool features, but I never use them and never will with my set up. The loops go to my pedals and if I want them on I just use the pedal switch rather than take up one of the HX switches. I would really like the option of effect loops which are just simple in and out points that can be put somewhere in the signal chain. No gain, mixing, trails or foot switch options at all, just an in and out. And as such no need to take up an effect processing slot. They could appear on the user display as a dot in between the processing slots, just like the start / end points of path B, so there would be no need to add any extra pages to the display either. This would free up 2 processing slots and make the HX a lot more flexible.
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