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  1. :-) I did not read your second post... :-) I also had some problem with naming when updating to version 2.80, I remember. But not as bad as you are talking about. I can't remember how I got rid of it, but I know I did some factory resets etc. I think the best place to start is there. I send you a link to Helix Help. Here you will get information on how to do it.
  2. Thank you for confirming this! I was pretty sure after finding it in Native as well, but this makes me more confident. What platform did you use? As I said, you are using the Line 6 rebuilt version of my patch. But I tweaked it to my liking. So I've tweaked nearly all the blocks. So it would be hard to tell where it happens. Another difference was that Line 6 was using a "Split Y" to 1B (A and B balance to center), where I use the "Split A/B" with B 100. I guess that might disguise the problem if it has something to do with the 1B path. But I haven't done a "deep research" (and I of course would never be able to do that). I would only be sitting left with assumptions, whatever I do. My main problem is that I don't trust the unit anymore. Latent problems have a tendency to show up at inconvenient moments.
  3. I assume you are talking about the software? Or can a memory leak also be due to hardware failure? In the last case I'm pretty sure this is software failure, because the bug shows up both in Helix Floor and in Helix Native. It would actually be interesting to hear if Helix LT users, and Stomp users (using the engaged blocks - tweaked the same way) had the same problem. Especially Stomp users, because I have a hunch that this is due to the combination of blocks (and/or the way they are tweaked). As I've said, Line 6 gave me a rebuilt patch that they said worked for them. I tweaked it, and the problem showed up again.
  4. It sometimes happens much sooner than three hours. I would of course not use this patch. But I would not use any patch, since I don't know what causes the problem. What about a similar patch? What if I turn on or off this or that effect? What if I tweak a similar, or just another patch? I think you are right about the frequency of the problem. This will not happen often. But latent problems have a nasty habit of showing up when you least want them - like at a gig. And when the doubt creeps in, it affect performance. I would be listening for drop in gain constantly :-) So for me it will be anolog times for a while, or forever after. We will see :-) A petty though, because the unit is otherwise extremely capable. It suited my needs perfectly.
  5. A couple of hours after doing a post on what I mention here, I am now able to find these two posts in searches. So I stand corrected (I think). But I will of course have it in mind for later.
  6. Sorry, I wasn't reading to carefully at first. I found myself next to governmental science pages... :-) Yes, it might be a coincidence. But try to search for this post, and my latest post. Both posts are critical about the support, and they point at a problem that is hard to dismiss (if one try it out). But by all means, I just mention it.
  7. Yes, as I said, within three hours. Sorry if I put you off with my metaphor. If you suddenly are "flying" in front of the audience (it sometimes happens :-), I can make a huge bet on this: That's when the devil shows up :-) That's why this is a bug that should be fixed in the Helix Core. That's why I will not use the unit on a gig before the bug is fixed. Nice of you to check it out on your equipment! Thanks!
  8. Yes, let's hope you are right. It will allways be problems with such equipment. Did these posts say anything about Line 6' handeling of the matter? Anyway, I just noticed this in two posts with SERIOUS complaints (both on the equipent and Line 6' handeling of the case), and advice others to have it in mind. That's all. It is good to be a bit critical minded, especially after months of trouble :-)
  9. Yes, it is in this state I experience it, but I do believe it can happen all together. It can also happen after 30 minutes, but not longer than 3 hours. As you say, it is not a big problem (at home or while recording). But if I did not find this bug before a gig, it would be a BIG problem. The gain would gradually fade, and I would have an ugly sounding guitar before I or somebody else noticed. The other concern is in which of my other patches can it happen, and when does it happen. Though not comparable, I would not go for a flight on an airplane with this bug in its flight controls :-) I also easily spend playing the guitar three hours straight, so if my Helix could not handle the "heat" (which it does well in other patches), it would be out of my life allready :-)
  10. Conspiracies happens all the time (another word for it is crime, or in lighter cases - dodgy business). It often happens when somebody have a mutual benefit of something... :-) Yes, this might be a coincidence, but try it for yourself.
  11. [A couple of hours after posting this, I am now able to find my earlier post in searches. So I stand corrected (I think).] Hi! This is really a question, so check this out yourself if you need to (if you have some serious concerns you want to share about your equipment). I reported a serious bug in Helix Floor that was dismissed by Line 6 (after about three months and lots of e-mails). They told me I had to service my Helix Floor (probably some more weeks stalling the question). I knew that was the wrong conclusion, so I reproduced the SAME bug in Helix Native. This is a nasty bug that makes the sound gradually fade away when the patch is tweaked in the "right" way. I have a post about this topic in this forum. Now to my question or concern. I did a syntax search with a chunk of my text from my bug report (placed in this forum) on Google and it did not show up. Then I found another serious bug report in this forum and did the same thing. Both posts are critical about the handeling by Line 6 Tech Support. Nothing showed up in the syntax search in Google. Then I did several other syntax searches with other "nice" posts, and they all got the "first place" in the Google search. This might be a coincidence, but I thought I would share it. Maybe so those of you interested in such things can have it in the back of your mind. Are topics in this forum being filtered? I guess the answer to this can only be answered if several of us looks into it.
  12. Hi! I have also a serious problem with my Helix Floor and Helix Native. First I found the bug in Helix Floor. I also had a REALLY bad time with tech support. Actually I tink they were just talking nonsense (for months) just to stall the case. But at first they confirmed my findings, but in the end they told me to send my Helix Floor unit for repair. Then I did some more research and found the bug in Helix Native as well. I'm quite convinced they know themselves that this is a bug, and a quite nasty one (gradual volume loss when a patch is tweaked in a certain way). By the way, I also wrote about my findings (and my experience with tech support) in this forum. And just for the fun of it, I did a syntax search (a chunk) of my text on Google. It did not appear in the search. Then I tried to do the same thing with your post. It did not appear either. But several other posts in this forum came up as the nr. 1 search. Filtering? :-) I don't know, but I will also check this next time I see a serious bug repport in this forum.
  13. Good idea, actually. Then one can choose. Texas Nachos.hlx
  14. [Update: It lookes like this bug can be isolated to the Cali Texas Ch 2 amp. It's said that they (Cali Texas Ch 1 and Ch 2) suffer the volume loss when the bass eq on the amp is set to 0.0. In my case the volume problem went away at bass = 0.1. It is said that this was confirmed by Line 6 as a bug at a much earlier stage. So then I question Line 6' management of their own bug-information. Could it be better? Or do they simply keep quiet about known bugs? For the implications, look below. What about having a "sticky" post saying: "Before we are able to fix this or that, be aware of this or that."? It would for sure be a time saver both for the ones having trouble, and for the ones involving themselves. By the way, thanks for the positive responses!] Hi everybody, and Mary Christmas! I've found a serious bug in Helix 2.82 (Helix Floor AND Helix Native). It's a "sneaky" form of volume loss, that gradually silence the patch to zero output. (It happened when updating to version 2.80, but was not corrected in version 2.82.). It happens when a certain patch is tweaked in the "right way". A bug of great concern, I would say. I share the instructions on how to set up the patch with the jpg-files below, so you can experience the bug yourself and be warned. [On request I also added the actual patch-file. Then you can choose how to test it. At first I left it out to dismiss thoughts about a corrupted patch-file. But you still have the jpg-files to build it from scratch if you want to, so it's fine. You have to be logged on to this forum to download the file.] Today I built the patch in Helix Native from the bottom up (I use it within Windows 10 and Cubase 9.5). And what do you think happened? The bug is showing up there as well. Within three hours (it varies) the sound is gone. The earliest onset I've noticed so far is 30 minutes, so I believe it can happen anytime. When it starts, it fades out slowly, so you won't notice it before the sound gets bad. It sounds like turning down the volume on your guitar. Then you have to change the patch and go back again to have the sound back. (In Helix Native I still see the input db-signal, but the output is silent. Go out of the patch and into it again, and the sound/output is back.) More details later in the text. First a few words on the "service" I've got from Line 6 technical support. I've been talking to the Line 6 technical support since early September this year (with one or several anonymous persons). In many of their replies it seems that they don't even read my messages. At a point in time I actually thought I was talking to a computer, because their replies were so strange. But at least they assured me that they were looking into the problem, and they confirmed the loss of volume when using the patch I sent to them. They re-built the patch and reported that the problem was solved. I got the patch that Line 6 technical support had rebuilt, tweaked it to my liking, and the problem was still there (loss of volume and then total silence - within 30 minutes to three hours). I reported this back to Line 6 technical support, and asked them if they would like the jpg-files I share with you now (to set the patch up like I do). They did not want it, and told me that my unit needed to be sent for repair. IT TOOK THEM THREE MONTHS (and lots of e-mails), AND THE CONCLUSION IS BOTH STRANGE AND WRONG! Why did it take them so long? I just ask ;-) What's with the Line 6 technical support? Why would they tell me to service my Helix Floor unit (for probably a few weeks)? I just ask again ;-) So much for the trust I had in this company in the first place. I will stick to my old amp until I see a serious update (with some serious and trustworthy information), and probably testing it on rehearsals for a few weeks after that, and then never update the unit ever again... Or just throw it away if nothing happens. When it happens in this patch, in my understanding, it might happen in any patch (when tweaked the "right" way). Obviously it's not a problem that shows up often, but if or when it does, it's really a bad thing. I wouldn't take the risk. Please set up the patch exactly as on my added jpg-files [if you build it from scratch]. Usually I play with it with Deranged Master engaged, but I do believe the bug shows up non the less. But to be sure, keep the Deranged Master on. (The first eq is used in combination with the Deez One Vintage to shape the tone.) You don't have to play for three hours. Just keep the unit on (with deranged master, amp, cab, second eq, reverb and volume control at 100 % engaged, and place it in Snapshot 2 to be aaaaabsolutely sure :-), and check it once in a while. Then you don't have to think that this is a Christmas joke. Even though I wish you AT LEAST THREE hours of guitar-time during your Christmas holiday!!! :-) If you for some reason don't experience the bug, then hopefully you have a nice patch to use with a Stratocaster-type guitar - especially nice on the neck pickup. But be warned! For me it never goes beyond three hours before the volume loss happens, but who knows. I have the problem BOTH on Helix Floor and Helix Native. Please report back to Line 6 Technical support if you experience the volume loss. If somebody tweaks the patch to investigate if volume loss happens at different settings, it would be interesting to read about it. I did one thing, and that was to change the amp. Then the problem went away. (But probably the bug is due to a combination of things. Maybe an unstable core... Mamma mia! :-) Thank you very much! Texas Nachos.hlx
  15. Helix floor 2.81, sound transmitted via 1/4 inch out. I experience volume loss at random intervals (total silence, or a low weak sound like turning down the volume on the guitar). To "fix" the problem i just turn the patch-knob, and the sound comes back. It can happen in any patch, with or without compressor, volume block or whatever. It happens more often when the Helix is connected to a computer it seems, but that might just be a coincidence. Never had any problems before (almost two years), and the bug appeared immediately after the 2.81 update (that I installed as instructed). I've done all the "normal" actions to fix it: Cable check, factory reset, re-install etc. Have anyone else had this problem with the Helix?
  16. Would it be a good idea to have a representation of Powercabs speakermodels in the Helix? It's a question, because I can't fully understand the implications, and that I still don't own a Powercab. I guess it would have to be miked up versions of the actual Powercab, since it would be played through different speaker systems. My thought is that if It turns out that I like the tone of the Powercab, it would more easily translate the patches between studio and live. I guess you can get this sound from the powercab through the xlr out (in combination with a viritual microphone), but if it was in the Helix itself, you could get the tone also from Helix Native.
  17. Thanks, I'll try that. Now, my vacation starts, so I'll go unplugged for a while. But Soupro will be a natural choice for some of my blues-rock stuff. I will for sure explore your tip when plugging in again.
  18. This post is probably for the ones that are new to Helix (unless you are like me). The reason why I post this is to share my renewed friendship with the Helix. When I got the Helix, some 1,5 years ago, my interest in "new gear" was by far gone. I bought it because it seemed to fit my needs. My main focus and enjoyment is now playing the guitar, not messing around with technology. Still, I now know most of the features of the Helix (floor). The first thing I did was to make a patch with the WhoWatt 100 - a "super-patch" that had everything I needed. It sounded so good that I ended it there (for a while). I had no urge to look further. Every day I could pick up my guitar and have great sound. But I did not understand what I missed out on... For some reason, I decided to give all the amp-, microphone- and cabinet models a try. This is how I built a patch for each amp-model: Gain - Amp - Cabinet - Cali Q Graphic - Low and High Cut - Room reverb - Volume. (So far I've not touched the equalizers - I put them there to have them when building new patches.) My main goal was to find the cabinets and the microphones that fitted the amps to my ear. (Most of the time, because of my taste, I chose the 4x12 XXL V30, and a few ones had the 4x12 Cali V30. Most of the times I ended up with 7 Dynamic microphone for the clean amps, and some times the 160 Ribbon. 160 Ribbon I also used for the more gainy amps, so also the 87 Condencer. (A very few amps needed another cabinet/microphone.) I went through them all (cabs and microphones) for each amp. Then I played around with the amps (without the equalizer-blocks that I've mentioned) to make them sound as good as possible by themselves. (The only thing I used was the low cut on the cabinet.) Then I truly discovered the glory of the Helix!!! One thing was to discover how the "Master-volume" could affect the sound of the amp in conjunction with the "Drive". (Be aware that "Channel volume" don't affect the tone AT ALL. ONLY the volume. I've seen quite some videos where guitarists use it to "enhance" the sound.) Another thing I discovered (especially in some clean amps) was how "ripple" and "hum" made the sound more rich and complex (more overtones - and I assure you, I'm not a hi-fi freak :-). I've still not started to deeply explore the sag and bias, but I for sure know that I get different sound and feel by playing around with these parameters. After exploring the amp by it self, I added boost to see how the amp reacted. One of the amps that I for sure thought I'd never use came to its glory with boost. That was The Soupro. I made a crunch-tone with much boost in front of the amp, and it sounds like heaven! I made a patch in the Helix (as mentioned abowe) for each amp-model. First I set the level (in Cubase), with ONLY the amp engaged, to -6dB with the "Channel volume". If the Channel volume could not deliver enough gain, I used the "Output level". Then I turned on the cab and adjusted the patch to -6dB with the "Level" in the cab. The reason why I did so was because I will soon buy a PowerCab, and that all my patches stays at the same level (PowerCab in mind). (Yes, I know that a driven amp sounds louder than a clean one.) These patches will also be a nice starting point when building a new patch. My experience after this is that the amp models in Helix sonds GREAT!!! And I have gained some good insight in "knowing my instruments" (my Helix amps). Fiddeling around with the basics in Helix made me understand what a KILLER INSTRUMENT the Helix really are!!! I might be wrong, because I've never tried it, but I think a Kemper can't give the "true" amp-tweeking-feeling that I got playing around with the Helix. Line 6, you have really made a h*** of a job! (I'm sorry about my poor English, but hopefully it is understandable.)
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