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  1. PF Plationium runs ok while is set to asio and use laptop build in mic and spickers, but when i just connecting toneport it goes in to demo mode. ux1/2 etc ... they have they own build in licence, and toneports are not ment to use with PF2 edition, is that make sence ?
  2. can i run platinium PF2 on Toneport UX1 or only Podstudio ?
  3. I am disappointed with sound quality as well, i'm using toneport ux2, on pod farm 1 playing quality in my ears is lower thern in pod farm 2 but pod farm 2 is limited for "toneports" but recordings are muddy, i am using a free Audacity for recording, previusly i been recording on my looper, chineese nux, and sound quality from nux compering to podfarm/audacity is like between 64kb and 128kb in mp3 altough my looper saves files in wave. Is there sagnificant different it sound quality between tone port and pod studio ?
  4. Tone port ux2 no licence for pod farm its a second hand device, i did registere it on line but still on licence manager there is nothing in Add-ons and pod farm run on trial, monkey didnt helped. tryed on new account didnt worked eather.
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