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  1. It's been a few years now since the HD500 and the slight revamp in the 500X with no further amp/pedal models being released. I would imagine that a next generation range of equipment must be in the pipeline to replace the HD series to meet the higher end of the market than Amplifi is aimed at. I wonder what we'll see? What is the future of the DT amplifier range and will there continue to be L6 Link connectivity with any new range of high end multi fx devices? I'm not sure I like the iOS Bluetooth editing of the Amplifi mainly because the interface in the app looks awful to me with slider bars for adjustment so I really hope we're not in for a range of Amplifi Pro products. I think the PODHD/DT package is so complete that it's hard to imagine a range that will be different enough with new desirable features to tempt me to upgrade. Gazza
  2. I wish that HD500X Edit had the tuner functionally built it like Gearbox used to! It made desktop tuning so easy and useful. Does anyone have any suggestions for a virtual software tuner that can run alongside HDEdit? Gazza
  3. This is the way I have found to get the PODHD500 preamps to sound like the preamps in the DT25, which is what I was looking for. The only effect I run after the mixer tends to be reverb and it sounds fine with the mixer set like this. Gazza
  4. Why K9 for your avatar? Are you a big Dr Who fan? Personally I found K9 to be a little irritating but those years of Dr Who with Tom Baker bring back many childhood memories for me, he was the best Doctor IMO. Davros used to terrify me! Oh and I owe you an apology for a grumpy and rude post I made a few months back when my tone frustrations got the better of me - please accept my apologies. Gazza
  5. I have found that using the 'Pre' models over L6 link works best and the key to getting the tone to sound solid and punchy is to change the default panning in the mixer from hard left and right to CENTER on both pan controls and levels at 0db This is the simple fix that I was missing when I first started using the PODHD500x with my DT25. I spent weeks groaning about the tone not sounding right or as good and the DT25 standalone. There are so many parameters on the HD500 that I was playing with, which was a little overwhelming at first and I wasn't 'seeing the wood for the trees' when I first started linking these 2 together. I had missed this simple change. The only remaining issue is that I do find the setup to be quite low end heavy on many of the amp models and seem to have to dial most of it out. I think it may be the room I have the amp it most of the time though.....may be. I hope this helps any newcomers to the PODHD/DT combo. Gazza
  6. I'm looking to add an outboard overdrive to use with my HD500X and wondered how pedals sound in the FX loop when playing via studio/direct? Do they sounds as they would played through an amp or is there any kind of sound issues to be aware of? Thanks
  7. Sound clips needed....or it didn't happen!
  8. It's off the floor but on a low wooden stand in the corner of the room. I'll try the amp in a different environment and see how it sounds. I think my room has a lot to do with it, as several amps I've owned sound harsh in here.
  9. Anyone else find the general character of the DT25 combo to be a bit bass heavy, too much low end? I seem to have to roll off most of the low end on many of the pre-amp models to get a useable tone. Admittedly this is at a relatively low volume at home and I haven't tried at higher volume in a live situation yet, where I know the EQ curve would need to be a lot different. The amp also has a strong mid presence to the tone which can sound nice on some clean settings warming up single coils nicely.
  10. Thanks guys, I'll keep tweaking, the Screamer does sound good with the tone wound up, might try it with an EQ as well.
  11. As discussed here before the collective view is that the PODHD overdrives are a little lacking, and maybe we need some more modern OD pedal models to reflect modern tones & tastes. However, with what we have to play with which overdrive have you used successfully to give the best clear glassy transparent tone such as Andy Timmons gets on Electric Gypsy. I've been playing with the Color Drive today for the first time and in front of the Blackface model thru DT25 I'm starting to get towards that kind of tone. I'm really tempted to buy a separate overdrive such as Xotic BB Preamp or Mad Professor Little Green Wonder or equivalent but would like to avoid if I can. Any views? Gazza
  12. 10 foot cable? how far do you think my overdrive pedal will be from my PODHD...?? LOL :-)
  13. Anyone know where I can get a coiupe of short length patch cables with 1 angle jack and 1 straight for plugging a signle overdrive pedal into the PODHD500X fx loop? All I can find on short cables are either both angle jacks or both straight jacks. Any tips or things to consider when for using OD through the FX loop? Gazza
  14. Thanks to some other members useful suggestions I have found a solution, no thanks to you and your 'holier than thou' attitude. I will be happy to make no further posts or contributions to these forums for fear of your condescending reprimands. I'm out and you can FO
  15. That's it!. I set input 1 to Guitar and Input 2 to Same and set the mixer pans for channel A & B to center and the POD now sounds much better through the DT25. I have now got the POD to sound exactly the same as the default DT25 Topology 1 using the POD's 'Blackface Double Normal Pre'. Also the tone & vol settings are just about identical and the PODs master is all the way up, output defaults to Combo Pwr as I'm connected via L6 Link to the DT25 Combo. I have A/B'd between the DT25 alaone and with the POD connected as described and I'm sure the sound is identical. I had the inputs set to Guitar/Variax for my cleanest studio/direct settings and hadn't thought to change them when connecting to the DT25. Setting the inputs to Guitar/Same really has made a huge difference. I haven't tried to emulate the other DT25 default models II-IV yet. Also the '63 Spring Reverb doesn't sound quite the same with as the DT25 with the PODs default settings so needs a tweak to get it there. Gazza
  16. I haven't tried this yet but is there going to be any difference or advantage of connecting PODHD500X to DT25 via 4CM instead of L6 Link? Especially as I just want to use the POD for effects only? I find that using a 'null' amp over L6 Link leaves the effects sounds kind of weak. Gazza
  17. So you're not the Real Zap then? And not what I would call a line 6 'expert'. We're not asking for an argument just some help.
  18. I have always connected via L6 link for convenience and haven't tried via FX loop, I will try it. However, what I have found is that as with the preamp models the PODHD effects do not sound as good into the DT25 when the POD has it's amp model bypassed. And the reverbs do not sound as good from the POD compared to the reverb directly in the DT25. I wonder if it is the L6 link connection, and could it be my XLR cable? Gazza
  19. Thanks, would really appreciate some guidance on this. I really want to be able to get the same tones from my PODHD500X/DT25 combo as I do with just the DT25. It's really frustrating me!
  20. Yes done and confirmed, Topology 1 has not been changed from what came pre-loaded Blackface Twin. the POD Blackface Twin Pre does not sound the same. Could you post settings for a patch on the POD that you believe matches the Topology 1 ?
  21. Done that and I can confirm that the defaults are loaded, Topology 1 is Blackface Twin. No amount of tweaking gets the POD Blackface Twin to sound the same. If you can confirm the settings you use to match the DT25 then I will try that, settings please?
  22. I dispute your claim that you can get the same tone. Settings please for the PODHD500 to match topology 1 of the DT25 combo?
  23. Well, I have to say I've changed my mind. I really don't think the PODHD driving a DT25 sounds as good as the inbuilt DT25 preamps and nor do the reverbs.
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