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  1. Are you all done? Well, I appear to have whipped up a sandstorn there didn't I? That most certainly wasn't my intention. My farewell post may have been laced with bravado, but I am thrilled to be able to move up to an Axe-FX with a CLR monitor, that's the best part of £3K of my hard earned money spent, and that,s cash not credit, so I will be feeling every £ if this new rig doesn't deliver. I will be lucky to get £500 back from the Line 6 rig, what with Ebay's cut, so I am taking a huge leap of faith. I did not intend to insult or offend anyone and If I have please accept my apologies, however, I would like to mention a few points relating to my experience here: 1) I am not a Line 6 newbie and you should not judge the number of posts here as a reflection for my time with Line 6 equipment. I have been using L6 gear for best part of ten years. I have only really posted when I needed help or have been frustrated with the sounds, and that has been mostly since I switched up to the HD line. 2) Candidly, I have found this forum frustrating and some of the senior members, one in particular, has quite a snooty attitude and basically suggest that he can't be bothered to go into the details to help and that we should keep tweaking and figure it out. This is one of the most disappointing and unhelpful forums I have participated in, like it or not, agree or not, that is my opinion only and should be viewed as that. This is no way affects my view of Line 6 as a company. 3) I can certainly post back with some feedback on the Axe-FX experience, it should arrive on Thursday, if anyone is interested. 4) I will watch for future product developments from Line 6 with interest and may well purchase again as all of the Line 6 gear I have owned has been well built and very reliable. I'm pleased that there are many satisfied L6 users out there and I was one for many years. Good luck all, stay happy and healthy and keep playing! Gazza
  2. Thanks for the sacastic posts, I hope there is no envy behind any of these. you don't know me, I don't know you so who gives a sh*t about any of this drivel anyway? I've been a devoted line 6 user since POD2. Had A Vetta, and every version of POD since. I have struggled to be satisfied with the PODHD since i got my first HD bean several years ago. It has nothing do do with not being able to use It, I have just decided that I want to move up to some higher quality gear and will hopefully find tones I am happy with there as I have found the HD series hard to get the tones I want. I have spent a considerable amount of money on Line 6 gear and it has been nothing but reliable, I've paid my dues to the company that allows this forum to exist. i can afford to make the jump to the fractal system and that's what I'm doing. Good luck if you enjoy using the HD gear, many of us don't, just look at the posts in these forums from confused, frustrated users, don't see much of that over on Fractals forum. And finally to all of the sarcastic posts below this....Jog on losers, Richard Craniums the lot of you.
  3. My line 6 journey is over, I have just ordered a Axe-FX II XL+ and Atomic CLR FRFR wedge monitor. It's been a frustrating time spent with the Line 6 PODHD500X and DT25, both on Ebay now. I hope that the Axe-Fx will help me reach the tones I desire and allow me to spend more time on playing. Adios Amigos!
  4. One other thing I struggled with was the input and mixer settings. The PODHD500X defaults need adjusting to match the DT25. I set input 1 to guitar and Input 2 to something else (Variax for example) I set Channel A & B mixer pans to centre and mute channel B Leaving these settings as default on the POD gives too strong a signal at input, making these adjustments seems to match the DT25 built in settings.
  5. I dunno what it is about the PODHD500X but to get tones I like I have to adjust the cab low cut significantly on just about all models to get a sound that sits well in a mix. Also, there is a thin glassy hi presence sheen on all the cabs/amps that needs dialling out. I really wonder why Line 6 couldn't hear this during development. It bugs me to have to tweak so much just to get a useable tone.
  6. I too love the early Cure flanger sound. I have not found this sound possible in the PODHD either. Robert Smith is reported as using an MXR Flanger 117 then a Boss BF-2 later on with The Cure. I also can't get a good EH Electric Mistress flanger sound with the POD, a la The Police
  7. i'm considering using an active FRFR monitor with my PODHD, anyone using the Yamaha DXR10 and care to comment?
  8. For the most realistic emulation of a Fender amp with tremelo, should the trem effect be set before or after the amp in the chain? And were the Fender trems Opto or Bias?
  9. Works fine here with POD HD500X, Mid 2010 iMac, no re-install of driver required.
  10. What sample rate do you set your PODHD to? and why? I connect my HD500X via S/PDIF to a Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 into an Apple iMac and Logic at 96KHz but to be honest can't hear a difference between 96 and 44.1!
  11. I'm a DT25 user and global EQ was something I was really hoping for and I'm very disappointed to find out it doesn't apply over L6 link.
  12. I want this too. It's poor planning to release the update without the covering documentation
  13. Is there a list detailing which of the model packs amps have 'pre' models?
  14. I found that changing the input and mixer settings on on the PODHD helped me get the 2 together to sound like the inbuilt preamps. Set imput 1 to guitar, input 2 to Variax (with no Variax connected). In the mixer set channel A panned to center at 0db and mute channel B. I had been running witn both channel A and B on and the input 2 to same and getting a huge volume boost over the DT standalone. With the new settings I am much happier and the POD with DT connected sounds and feels much better and just like the DT standalone. Gazza
  15. Thanks Martin, it was the volume issue that was bugging me most as the voicings were so much louder with the POD connected than without. i will experiement with the other voicings at the weekend
  16. Martin, Just had chance to try this and I'm delighted to say that I have recreated Voicing 1 on the DT25 perfectly by setting the inputs, muting channel B and using the same amps/settings etc as you suggested. The volume boost issue was due to the input & mixer settings being set incorrectly on my PODHD500X. It would have been great if L6 would have included some guidance on this with the DT25 documentation, I've seen many posts looking for this.... Voicing 1 is Blackface Double Normal. I have screen captured the DT25 defaults as captured by DTEdit - see pics: Gazza
  17. OK thanks Martin, I hadn't thought to mute channel B, will give that a try - many thanks Gazza
  18. Billy Duffy of The Cult used a JC120 on The Cults 1985 'Love' album, you can hear the built in chorus all over that album, almost sounds like a mild flanger at times. He used a Boss OD via the clean channel. That was a tone I really aspired to back in the day! Gazza
  19. Even though the DT with or without PODHD offeres a range of different amp models, do you find that the amp has an inherent tone character of it's own? I find that the DT has a lower mid rangey colour to the tone, and the mid tone control can emphasise this. I prefer a higher mid range boost on my drive sounds. To date I haven't really used the EQs when playing through the DT but will be looking to try and dial out some of the lower mids and boost a higher frequency of mids. i find it hard to put into words but the distorion tones have an inherent 'dry' and raspy tone with that lower mid range character. Perhaps it's just me! i'm not saying its bad, just noticeable. Also, i find that some of the cabs can add a lot of low end, which some may like, but for bluesy tones with light drive, I don't need that. I have found the Blackface Deluxe model to be my go to model and it seems to suit the general character of the DT best for me, works well with the overdrives as well. What's your view? Gazza
  20. Does anyone know the correct setting for input, mixer, cabs , midi etc etc, all of the additional settings that the PODHD500X has that are not adjustable in the DT25 to allow a direct match of the 4 inbuilt tone stacks via the POD? When checking via DTEdit and noting the default settings for topology 1 and then copying that with the POD connected via L6 Link i get a huge volume boost via the POD. That's with the PODHD master volume set at max. I have no idea how best to set the inputs or mixer levels or pans to get the sound to match. When you've tweaked a great tone with the DT25 alone, it would be great to be able to quickly connect the Pod and match that exact tone and just add some effects but I find that I have to start all over again and end up in a tweaking nightmare! Gazza
  21. The press release mentions new effects, any more details on this? or does this refer to the global EQ, is that the only fx change?
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