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  1. Great tone, I love the JCM800 It's my default drive amp in the PODHD500.
  2. I use the JCM800 with a Custom Shop 1960 Relic Strat and get a great tone, similar to Blink 182 on 'All The Small Things' not a million miles away from what you're looking for. I did struggle until I learned to use the cab lo cut parameter Here's my settings: Strat Bridge pickup (Hand Wound Abby Ybarra Texas Special) with Tone Control rolled back to 6 PODHD500X: Input1 source : Guitar Input 2 source: Same Guitar In Z: Auto Mixer: Path A: Center 0db Path B: Center: 0db Amp: Brit J-800 Drive: 33% Bass:44% Mid: 100% Treble: 72% Presence: 59% Channel Vol: 95% E.R: 14% Master: 72% Mic: 57 off Axis Cab: 4x12 Brit T-75 Amp parameters all 50% (except master vol) Cab parameter all default EXCEPT Lo Cut = 120Hz Effects: Noise Gate: Decay 50% Thresh: 38% Mid Focus EQ: HP Freq: 55% HP Q: 43% LP Freq: 47% LP Q: 44% Gain: 52% Reverb: Plate Decay 60% Pre-Delay: 0% Tone 55% Mix 6% Voilá: tone of the Gods! Gazza
  3. Set the mixer left and right pans to centre when using the DT25 and set the input to guitar and input 2 the same. I found that this helped me get the POD Pre amp sims to sound the same as the built in amps within DT25.
  4. I have a DT25 and want to be ready to change the tubes when the time comes. Thanks for the recommendation. Did you rebias the amp at all when you fitted the new tubes? (I would need a repair technician to help me with that) Gazza
  5. I have upgraded to Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite today and Monkey worked fine but wanted an immediate update, which ai did. It then ran as normal and updated Hd500X Edit. All OK for me.
  6. I have the DT25 and I love the inherent character of the tones on offer. Linked with a PODHD500X it's possible to get a huge range of sounds with the ability to shape all colour of tones. I especially like the Blackface Deluxe model, I think it sounds bang on to the real Fender Deluxe Reverb and with the Screamer OD from the POD to give a little breakup and a Strat, you'd be hard pressed to find a better blues tone with as much flexibility. The amp has that real solid tube feel and punch; just like a good tube amp should and the control over the effects within the PODHD is incredible, you can re-order, layer and tweak the effects chain to your hearts content and then save it in a single patch for instant recall. All connected to the DT via 1 cable. It's really hard to think about going back to a stompbox pedalboard after using the PODHD500X. I've owned them all, Fender Twins, Blues Jrs, Mesa Boogies, Vox, Peavey, MusicMan, Marshall...etc...etc and the DT absolutley is up there with the best of the tones available. Gazza
  7. Thanks Radatats, I can see why misconceptions arose but your explanation makes sense. I'll adjust using both together and let my ears decide where best to set them in relation to each other.
  8. As per my other post I have always run the PODHD500X master volume on full when connecting to my DT25 and used the DT master volume quite low to set the overall amp volume to suit the room. The pre-amp gain is set to give the required amount of pre-amp distortion and the channel volume used to balance the volumes between patches. I get that. But, setting the PODHD master at full seems to giver a much louder signal that the amp alone, so I'm really puzzled at the relationship between the 2 master volumes (POD & DT). Does anyone really understand how they interact with each other and whats going on? Does the PODHD master act as another pre-amp volume or master volume? how do you set these for your optimum sound and signal to noise ratio etc? Gazza
  9. Youre right radarats, reflashed and it is normal. Master has to be cranked on DT to get same volume. It must be the relationship between the PODHD master and the DT master volume. I've had the POD connected for so lomg that I hadn't realised the differeence. Gazza
  10. I thinks its more than that. I dont recall such a difference in volume before. I'm going to reflash the DT25 firmware and see if that sorts it out.
  11. Guys, I have been playing my DT25 combo with my PODHD500X connected via L6 Link exclusively for a while using the Blackface Clean Normal Pre model, same as Topology I on the amp itself. I have the mixer set at 0db and channels panned to center. The POD master volume is at Max. This used to sound exactly the same the Topology 1 on the amp but I disconnected the POD tonight and switched the amp back on and plugged in directly and was shocked to find a huge volume drop when setting the amp the same as the POD settings. When I switch on Low Volume Mode it seems to make very little difference as thought the amp is in some sort of LVM already. i did a reset by powering up again with the 2 toggles pinched togethe but no change. I tried the other topologies and they all sound quiet, I have to crank the master up to someway above 1/2 way to get any real volume and i used to fidn that I couldn't really go above 9 o clock before it got too loud. Any ideas whats going on here? I plug the POD back in and the volume is back to what I would expect Gazza
  12. OK got it thanks Zap. I'll be holding off with Yosemite until L6 issue updates (assuming they will!) fingers crossed.
  13. What about pre-installed drivers and apps desiged for 10.9 ? Will they not work after upgrade to 10.10? When you say ’it' won't install what are you referring to Zap? Also, does anyone know if DTedit will work, either preinstalled or fresh install on 10.10? Gazza
  14. DT25....merges with the PODHD500 via L6 Link (1 cable) into a very flexible tone and effects machine with real tube output and 'feel' to boot. I do find that the DT25 has it's own character and find it has a nice warm mid presence, which I like. There are a few settings to be made to get the PODHD singing properly through the DT and I'm still undecided about the role of the speaker cabs when using the DT25, leave them on/turn them off...?? I think it depends on the pre-amp model in question but only serves to offer more tonal choice. The Line L2T FRFR speaker sounds very good on Youtube clips I've heard, it has a 'guitar' mode and again will connect via L6 Link. If I didn't already have the DT25 I would very seriously consider the L2T as my 'amp' but it would always need the PODHD connected whereas the DT25 can operate standalone and I'm not sure how the L2T would respond to additional pedals in the chain such as overdrives etc.
  15. Has anyone tested the drivers, HDEdit or Monkey with the OS X Yosemite BETA? Will we face any issues if upgrading to Yosemite? Gazza
  16. Thanks guys, I have the combo and I much prefer controls 'hidden' on top as I use the PODHD500X to drive the DT anyway. I looked at some sound clips of open back vs closed back cabs and I think I prefer open as per the combo. I guess I could add a 112 cab for best of both worlds at some point but even better would be another DT25 so I could run a stereo rig with full dual amp flexibility! I'll dream on....
  17. I haven't been able to A/B the DT25 combo qlongside the DT25 head/112 cab. Does anyone know if thre is any difference in the sound? Does having the amp section within the combo enclosure affect the tone at all? Gazza
  18. I just put 2 'Analog Delay with Mod' in the pedal chain before the amp one set at 350ms going into one set at 500ms, lowered the feedback down to 32% but everything else, what a sound. Very spacy and very chorusy Try it! This is what I love about the POD HD, you can switch pedals and stack and layer to your hearts content with a drag and drop of the mouse via HD Edit, and discover all sorts of combinations.
  19. Check this out... Can you tell the real Tubescreamer from the Line 6 POD HD500 version? I got it wrong!
  20. While I don't use the Greenback cab much myself I suggest you try tweaking the cab lo cut parameter, I find that this can remove a lot of the apparent harsh low end in some of the cabs. I play along to a recording that I like and tweak the tone to make my guitar sit correctly in the mix. I've found that a lot of low end and high needs cutting and the mid range often needs boosting. It can sound a little mid heavy on it's own but in a full band mix will sound just right.
  21. I find adjusting the Low Cut on the cab parameters cleans up many of the cabs nicely. It's quite well hidden in PODHD500X Edit so it was a while before I remembered these parameters were there to be tweaked.
  22. I too struggled to get tones from the HD500X connected to the DT to sound as good as the DT amp alone. I found that setting the mixer pans to centre and 0db can get me the same sounds with the Pre models, POD master volume is all the way up. The Treadplate is topology 4 on the DT but seems to swich to Topology 3 on the POD, I leave set at 3 and get very good tones. Another thing I found is that you need to tweak the channel volume and master volumes and get the amp quite loud with master past 3 or so to really let the tone out, the tones can have too much low end and sound a harsh at low volume. I spend several weeks being quite frustrated but am now very happy. Gazza
  23. This one:;56375;2717&utm_source=googlebase&utm_term=980300052&utm_medium=pricecomp&utm_campaign=GoogleShopping&gclid=CO2d9eKllsACFY_MtAodtUQAYQ
  24. Well thats great to hear. Just a few tweaks needed from me: HD Edit - on screen tuner functionality required (like Gearbox used to have) and general interface refresh with better, more intuitive control of the FX parameters, especially the EQs, I need to see an EQ shape/curve with preferably some sliders to tweak. PODHD500X - a Blues Junior and Dr Z Maz 18 amp models PODHD500X - some more modern overdrives modelled such as Tim/OCD etc, a better emulation of the EH Memory Man Analog Delay, An EH Electric Mistress Flanger and BOSS BF-2 Flanger perhaps
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