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  1. I left it on for about 20 minutes and then turned it off....it is so annoying! Are you an "on" or "off" player?
  2. Guys, I have my PODHD500X connected to DT25 via L6 Link but I want to also connect it to the inputs on my audio interface for recording and monitoring at night at lower volume. However, as the outputs are global and are set to "Combo Pwr Amp" for the DT25 how can I get a simultaneous "Studio/Direct" output via the 1/4 outputs, XLRs, USB etc? Is it possible or do I need to manually switch output mode every time I go between the 2 setups? I had hoped that I may be able to create different set lists of patches: 1 set for DT25 and one set for Studio/Direct with the appropriate output setting saved but I'm not sure that the output saves as part of the patch does it? Or do I take a direct out from the DT25? and would I still get all of the cab parameters and stereo etc? One thing I haven't tried is the S/PDIF outputs as I don't have a cable, would that be the answer? Does the S/PDIF output always stay set at Studio/Direct? The manual suggests it can only be set to "match" the output setting or "dry" There's a lot to learn on the fine tunings of the PODHD500X/DT25 set up! Any tips would be appreciated, I just want to be able to seamlessly switch between DT25 output and Studio/Direct depending on what I'm doing without having to change the output setting every time. It would also be useful if the output settings could be switched from HDEdit - I can't see an option for that though. Gazza
  3. Thanks, haven't spent much time with that model yet, I will have a go.
  4. I updated my DT25 models via a friends Windows laptop using Midi-Ox but at home I use a Mac, is there a Mac equivalent that I can use to send the required Midi commands to my DT25?
  5. I have updated my DT25 to the V2.00 firmware and merrily been playing around with the new models. Just in case I want to revert back, could someone please confirm the V1.00 defaults please? The 4 models (midi numbers from the lust) and the original reverb midi number? Many thanks Gazza
  6. Do you reckon it's possible to get get the Pod500/DT25 combo to get close to sounding like a Tone King Metropolitan? Any suggestions on Amp Pre models/settings to get in the ball park?
  7. Hi, I have linked up my PODHD500X to my DT25 via L6 Link and set the output to Combo Pwr Amp and use the Pre- amp model but what I didn't expect was the amp cabinet models to still affect the tone. I can set "no cab" or any other cabs and the tone changes, I though that using the Pre models via L6 Link would defeat the cabs...am I doing something wrong? Gazza
  8. Thanks guys. I may ask a local pine wood furniture workshop to see if they can make me something. I don't like the black metal ones that I can find and the 2 wood ones I can see for retail won't allow the Pod to slide underneath.
  9. Just took delivery of a DT25 & PODHD500X and I'm looking for a stand to put it on with a space to slide the PODHD500X underneath to save space at home and keep the POD protected when not in use. I'm strullging to find anything suitable, anyone got any ideas/suggestions? Regards Gazza
  10. With the problem running the latest Mac Pod X3 driver and Gearbox and when using an older driver there is the "show next time" issue for the manual which displays every time even when unticked. Is there an alternative software to edit Pod X3? Gazza
  11. I get this every time I open Gearbox, unticking show this next time won't stick, Mac OS X Mavericks
  12. I have an opportunity to buy a brand new old stock USA Pod X3 but I live in the UK. If I buy a UK adaptor will it work OK here at home in the UK?
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