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  1. I have already looked at the top of the board but I really need to see the bottom. I'd rather wait to get some soldering equipment though because even if I take it apart I won't be able to do anything without that. I have inspected the tops of the capacitors and haven't seen any bulging on the tops so I wouldn't think the capacitors are bad. The only problem I see with the amp itself is again when it's turned on its like you can turn the channel volume and master volume up to Max but it's like the volume is stuck at .02. Almost the same sound as the electric guitar unplugged.
  2. Ok. I'll just have to check it out. For me it shouldn't have been worth the trouble to begin with. I need to learn when to turn down a problem but as I've invested in crap now I'd like to make it angolden turd at this point. I should've sank the money into something working and don't really want to discuss what I ended up paying for it. Hahaha. The speaker is still good for something though I suppose.
  3. No. I live in Florida. I'm just wondering what specifically on board would cause that volume to be really low. I mean at least the problem has been narrowed down to the board and really the circuit boards aren't that big with amps.
  4. Hey everyone, not sure if this is the right place for this but I'm in need of some help desperately and was hoping someone could give me an idea or two. I got a used Spider III 15 W amp today. It was advertised as needing repair or having a problem. When you turn the amp on you hear nada. The only time you hear anything is on the metal channel and it is an extremely faint noise. I have tried both the channel volume and the master volume trying to turn them about half way and ended up maxing them both out with no change at all. The speaker doesn't crackle or give any signs of a busted speaker. I did take a look at the speaker and board and physically nothing looks off. Anyone ever have any problems like this with any amp, including this one? I hope I can get it to working. Thanks. Any additional info I can add later. Wanted to update on what else has gone on. I tried to swap out the speakers thinking maybe the speaker had blown but that is not the case. I have been informed elsewhere that it is likely a circuit board problem so was wondering if anyone could point in the right direction. At this point I'm likely going to go seek someones help at a store or just leave it alone. Sucks to have just got an amp today that I can't even use
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