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  1. Well yes i would record with it as well through Reaper but i also want to experiment creating presets with it so i won't have to connect Stomp to computer.
  2. I am considering buying Helix Native plugin as i already have bought HX Stomp and when 2.8 firmware upgrade will be released they will be able to share same patches.So is it worth it?Is there anyone who has bought both?What's your experience with Helix Native?
  3. Which software?I only installed the driver and nothing else.There is a plugin bundle as well but nothing else.If you mean Focusrite Control,it is not compatible with 2i4.
  4. Hello.I am trying to connect HX Stomp to my Focusrite 2i4 interface and listen through the monitors connected to the interface but there is no sound at all.I connect my guitar to Stomp's input (instr level) and the Stomp's output (line level) is connected to interface's input (line level).What am i doing wrong?I know i can use Stomp as an interface as well but i don't want to disconnect the monitors from the Scarlett.The interface shows that it receives signal (the gain knob lights green) but there is no sound at all from the monitors.Thanks in advance.
  5. I know i can use HX Stomp as an A.I but i would like to connect it to my Focusrite 2i4 because i have my monitors already connected to the A.I. and i don't want to connect-disconnect them all the time.So how do i connect Stomp to the audio interface?Will it be Guitar--->Hx input--->Hx Left Output (set to line level)--->A.I input (set to line level) and that's it or there is another better way to do it?Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello.I am considering buying the new HX stomp however i would like to know whether it is possible to connect it in my tube amps fx return so i will bypass my preamp and use hx's modelling amps as preamp without using cab sim of course but my real cab instead.e.g Guitar-pedal 1-pedal 2-hx stomp input-hx stomp output to amp's fx return.
  7. Hello!I am planning to buy an HX effects unit as it seems a great effects platform.However I have read many posts here complaining about various hardware problems many of the first line production units have (extreme hiss,4 cable method not working,problems with saving presets,boot errors,failing to update etc).I haven't read an official anouncement from Line 6 about these problems.Are they fixed or i will buy one unit hoping i will be lucky and it will function as it should otherwise i will have to open a ticket afterwards to have it replaced? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello all.Has anyone used HX effects with Jet City 50w or 100w head in amp's loop or with 4cm?How does it sound?
  9. Oh that would be great as i don't want to use both loops to have the option to connect some extra pedals in one of them.i guess i will experiment and see what works best.Thanks for the answers guys.
  10. Hmmm.If i have to use both loops how i add my preamp to the signal flow? By adding loop 1 and 2 one right after the other?will this work?
  11. Does anyone know if i can toggle individually on and off from HX effects all the pedals that i have connected to its loop?or they are just assigned altogether in the signal flow as loop 1 or 2?
  12. Thanks for the answer!My amp's loop is line level and not all of my modulation pedals support it so i use them in front after the distortions.i only use delay and reverb which support line level in the loop.in this ocassion i guess i should connect instrument level pedals alone in HX loop and rest pedals together with preamp in the other loop with 4c method?
  13. Hello all.I want to use HX in my pedalboard together with some pedals i like (distortions,chorus,flanger) and also be able to use my amps distortion through the 4cable method.Which is the best way to connect the single pedals?Guitar straight to first pedal then last pedal to HX input and from there 4c method?Guitar to HX input all the single pedals to HX 1st loop and use 2nd HX loop for 4c method or a combination of the forementioned (some pedals straight to guitar e.g distortions and some in HX loop e.g time based effects) ?
  14. Hello.I own a 50w Jet City Amp which has a line level effects loop (+4db).Will HX effects 4cable method work with it?I have attached a pdf with amp schematics.Thanks in advance. jet-city_jca50h_sch.pdf
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