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  1. Not sure, I couldn’t solve it with the equipment I had so I went and bought a mixer which solved the problem hah
  2. Yeah that’s what I have been doing as well, I just with you could remove some, like having 90 or so slots all occupied is kind of overkill for me, I’d rather work with like 10-15 but I’ll deal.
  3. Yeah I don’t think so either at this point, they both want to use their inboard soundcards and a can’t use them at the same time, thanks for the help though.
  4. I'd really like to delete most of the presets to simplify selection and then build my custom tones form the ground up. I have remot app on ios and on windows pc. Cant find any delete option so far. Best I've come up with is overwriting existing settings and renaming them, but this isnt really practical as its incredibly time consuming, theres got to be a better way. Any tips?
  5. I just got into the cubase program that came with my spider v 240hc, it works great and I have the drivers set up and installed correctly so I can record and playback with no issues. I am curious if there is a way to set up output to another device though because I dont like having to plug my mic into the phones jack on the amp, like I shuold be able to monitor form my mic out, or from my pc headphone jack. Is there a way to configure the spider v driver in cubase as input only, with another device (yeti mic) set for the output? Also can you configure multiple devices for input so I can have my mic and amp inputting adio simultanously? This might be a question for steinberg cubase forums but sine the programs is included with the amps I thought maybe someone here might have some info.
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