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  1. I think your right. I thought it was updated but after checking it appears it was still @ 2.8. I hope it is something this simple. So I am updating again right now. I will let you know. Thanks Peter! Yep, that corrected it. I can't believe I missed that. Just and ID10T error. Thanks again. I will go delete my ticket!
  2. IR's Not Working...... I turned in a support ticket because I am not able to load any IR's. I have one IR (that appeared blank) in slot #1 (that I can NOT seem to clear), the rest will not work at all. If I grab 10 IR's and do an import, it will start loading them, fill in the names for each IR slot, then at the very end it flashes a message in HX edit and all of them return to the < EMPTY >. Very frustrating! I reloaded 2.82, all import/export/copy/clear works fine with all IR slots when importing single or multiple IR's. So, unfortunately I went back to 2.9 again, same issue. If I assign the empty IR to a block, I am unable to delete it without the error in the image below, but if I "Clear all Blocks", then "Undo", I am able to delete the IR block. Go figure..... UPDATE. Turns out it was user error, as somehow I did not have HX Edit updated, and was still running 2.8. Once corrected the IR's upload worked fine. As embarrassing as that is, I left it in case someone runs into a similar issue.
  3. I tried to import an IR with HX Edit that worked fine in 2.8, now upon import the IR just flashes a message (so fast I can not read it), and the IR slot still reads "Empty". IR's should still work the same between versions, right? I am not sure why this IR won't import now? I noticed there is one IR in slot #1 that is blank that I can not remove. It will let me import a new one in slot #1, but none of the others will allow an import. I am bummed I have no IR's available?! BTW..... volume knob works fine, everything else seems OK so far, but I have not got to play with it much yet. Thanks! Dave UPDATE: I reset the Helix (with V2.9) to the factory Defaults, it DID remove the IR in slot #1, but when trying to load IR's, same issue, Slot #1 would allow me to add an IR (but after I could not clear it), and the remaining slots would not. I re-installed 2.82, all IR's locations allow me to import/copy/clear without issue. Once again, I re-installed 2.9 (for the 3rd time) and my IR slots were all < EMPTY > except for slot #1, which is occupied and Blank (un-named) and it would not allow me to clear it, copy it, or upload an IR into any other locations. If I applied that IR to a block, I could not remove that block without receiving the error seen in the image below. I have now went back to 2.82, and will stay until things are fixed.
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