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  1. Great seeing this thread and solution. I picked up my FRFR-108 today at lunch and just reading this at work. I quickly went and purchased a 10' TRS cable just now. I excpect now that I should have a good first impression/experience of the setup when I try this evening.
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    I just walked in and picked one up in Prince George, BC today $599 CAD from Long and McQuade. Tomorrow gonna grab the Headrush FRFR-108.
  3. There is a thread somewhere that replacing a cheap LED on the board fixes problem... apparently they blow up easily. Mine stopped working and I ordered a 10-pack of LEDs.
  4. I am thinking Classic is its own "cabinet" modelled like an amp (without using tweeter), because it sounds different if you select no cabinet with FR on.
  5. I have same problem... crashes when switching from full range to classic every time. It is obviously a bug in the Spider program causing crash. I am running Windows 10 2004 Have not tried on my MacBook though yet.
  6. I just plugged in my FBV3 after not using it for a long time and noticed the pedal was also not working. I came across this thread. They were out of stock of the PCB so I ended up buying some LEDs and can do myself easily.
  7. I have a Spider V 60 on 1.05 and FBV3 on 1.02 and cannot get this fast scroll to work. If I hold down the up/down foot switch the display just flashes until I release and press again. Any suggestions ?
  8. I can answer.. short answer is No, the MKII does not allow this. Long answer... I just bought a Line 6 Spider V 60. I got the FBV MKII Express pedal but I returned after one day. The reason is the following: Cannot change banks but instead an only select the four presets within a bank. No control for looper on Spider V. Cannot turn on/off individual effects within a preset. I returned and bought an FBV3 which allows the following: Looper Switching Banks. Display shows current preset name. Ability to turn on/off individual effects using buttons FS1-FS5. FS1 is the compressor and FS5 is the reverb (those two are locked to those positions because of the the way Spider V works). FS2, 3, 4 toggle FX1, FX2, FX3 respectively. These switches also have color LEDs matching the FX seen on Spider V and light up bright or dim depending on effect type in each FX position on or off.
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