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  1. that sounds like two notes together, i think the problem is with your guitar.
  2. That was shot down on the Facebook thread.
  3. Both the guys in Jinjer use a helix.
  4. sorry misread, thought this was a helix, not a stomp
  5. Rattlehed


    Well, Long and McQuade now says their supplier is projecting August 30th as the ship date, I'm too impatient so I guess Im upgrading to the Helix LT.
  6. Rattlehed


    I'm also in Alberta, up north, in GP. I'm looking to upgrade from the HD500X, but I don't need all the crazy extras you get with helix. I rented a Helix for a month, it was awesome, but it's too much for me, price and functionality wise. i like the ins and outs on the HX stomp but i want the added functionality of the extra switches and expression pedal on the POD Go. I've had conflicting information about availability, i was hoping someone could clear it up. I've heard anything from days to weeks to months.
  7. Rattlehed


    Wish I could get one of these units, but alas they are not available in Canada. I was told by the Canadian distributor to "check back in a month or two." Can anyone from Line 6 speak to the accuracy of this?
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