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  1. Just to follow up with my EQ problem. Rather than being a corrupt preset I'm thinking it may actually be a bug. In my original first snapshot (top picture of my original post) I was able to set the 2kHz band to +2.3dB. Now, strangely I cannot use that value. I can slide it to +2.2dB or +2.4dB, but +2.3dB won't pop up as the value. If I try typing in +2.3 into that band it reads 2.2 after I hit enter. Perhaps in the new FW, the EQ doesn't accept certain values and when it encounters these values in a preset it pumps them to +15db. Hmmmm...
  2. I did that right after I upgraded to 3.0 and I did it again today. The problem still occurs. I tried copying preset versions from my harddrive as well as the preset on the Helix into blank slots and the same +15DB issue popped up again. I guess I will have to rebuild the preset from scratch. Not a big task but thank you very much Datacommando and PeterHamm for your help.
  3. I have discovered a weird EQ bug in one of my presets. Snapshot 1 plays fine but when I switch to another snapshot all of the 2khz bands suddenly become +15dB - which is not how I had them set. Then when I switch back to snapshot 1, it too now says +15dB. If I double click the preset (reload) snapshot 1 corrects itself. But if I change snapshots again, the +15dB problem returns. I've imported an old exported backup I made months ago before installing 3.0 and it has the same problem even when saved in a different preset slot. Helix LT running HXedit 3.0 with 3.0 firmware upgraded recently from fw 2.82. Windows 7 machine 32GB ram Here are some screenshots and the preset. TOM WAITS.hlx
  4. mritt

    Foreigner Tone

    I hope this helps:
  5. I am an EQ tweaking fanatic. Since my idea of a 30 band EQ (like my old ART unit) was poo-pooed, how about you take off the limits on the parametric EQ. Keep everything the same just go 0-20khz for the low, mid and high frequencies so I wont have to use multiple EQ blocks (extra DSP) if I want to tweak 3 lower or upper frequencies. Thanks.
  6. Thank you very much Rocles! Your preset was a big help and it worked like a charm. Problem solved. Thanks everyone!
  7. I didn't know you could plug an instrument into an FX return. Thanks for the info Kilrahi.
  8. Ah crap, sorry my bad. I should have said Helix LT. It doesn't have an AUX input. I will edit my post. Thanks for the help though ChasingMango.
  9. Hi, I'm teaching my neighbor's kid to play guitar and I wanted her to have some fun playing with the Helix LT. I was wondering if I could use a 1/4" Y-splitter to connect both guitars into the single Helix LT input. Both guitars are passive - a 96 Les Paul Custom and a Gretsch Streamliner centerblock Jr. Will this kind of setup damage the Helix LT in any way? Thanks.
  10. Some old farts like me are stuck in our ways unfortunately :)
  11. Yeah, it would be generally for studio type use. Most tweaks would be lost in a live mix. I really miss my ART 231 EQ which I sold about a year ago along with my other rack stuff when I purchased the Helix. It was a great piece of gear.
  12. I don't see why a 40 band would sound any more digital than the included 10 band EQ. As for tone matched IRs created using software like Ozone etc. they do have a strange artificial, electronic-fizz associated with them that almost sounds like mp3 artifacts to an extent. That's kind of a crappy way to describe it, but its the best I could do. To each their own.
  13. I'm obsessed with tone matching (with the help of spectral comparison) and I like to avoid IRs because they sometimes sound overly digital.
  14. Hello, More than anything, I would love to see a 40 band equalizer. I love to tweak tones to death but I don't like chaining the 10 band EQ with a half dozen or more parametric EQ blocks to get what I am searching for. I'd settle for a 10 band that lets us put our own band values in place (285hz or 9730hz etc....). Thank you.
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