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  1. Great update! The cab and mic graphs are a tremendous help. Thank you very much for your hard work.
  2. "Not quite sure what to do besides give up hope for using 3.5 and reinstalling 3.1 until the driver problem is considered FIXED by Line6" I am sorry if I was unclear in my attempt to help you. You can still use version 3.5 with the drivers from 3.1. I've been using my Helix daily since the update without any problems. I think the driver is more of a hardware handshake/identifier than anything to do with using or creating presets. I hope I cleared up any confusion.
  3. If I was having this problem, here is what I would do: -I would uninstall the helix software on your PC -reboot -install an older version of the HXEdit software 3.11 maybe -the new features of 3.5 on your Helix won't work, don't worry we wont be using them. -reboot -it might be helpful to track down the helix drivers installed and copy and paste them into a backup folder -install the latest version of HXEdit manually or use the update thing in the right hand corner of the program -reboot -give it a test -if you have no desktop audio, do the rollback thing. Windows should have archived the previous driver. If it did not, then browse for the drivers I said to copy/paste into a backup folder. I hope this helps.
  4. I had a problem with win7 too. I could hear the sounds from the Helix but not my PC coming through the headphones. -I went to control panel -device manager -sound, video and game controllers -the line6 helix driver had a warning next to it, so I RIGHT Clicked on it and selected PROPERTIES -I then chose ROLL BACK device drivers -it reverted back to the 3.15 driver and everything works fine I hope this helps.
  5. Hi, The factory reset is just good standard practice to make sure their are no traces of the previous firmware still in your device that could lead to problems. It takes less than 5 minutes. When you restore from backup, you can choose to restore which banks of factory presets or user presets you want restored. It cam also restore your IR's, your favourites, global settings and preferences etc...It takes about 30 seconds. Seems a lot easier than importing them all and fooling around with the hardware adjusting your preferences. Hope this helps.
  6. Here is a stripped down preset of mine using the pitch wham to simulate feedback. Hope it helps. Oops... forgot to tell you - Use the expression pedal to control the feedback/echo levels. feedbacker.hlx
  7. Can you visit the line6 website with your browser on that computer? If it doesn't load, or if some pages refuse to load, you may have some entries in your WIndows hosts file blocking those IPs. Windows runs through the hosts file before checking your firewall and ignores any rules you created allowing connection. Hope this helps.
  8. In case anyone is wondering, the updated book download seems to be working fine now at Sweetwater. I used the email link provided with my initial purchase and it sent me to the new V1.1 version location. BTW, The additional content is great. Thanks Craig.
  9. Thanks you for the excellent idea. I don't own Native but I will definitely try out the pink noise test today. That's a genius idea. I've been trying for months to figure out a way of generating a test tone for such an experiment. Thanks. Thank you very much for the detailed info. That is exactly what I meant with my original EQ question.You have some fantastic bits of info in that article. I liked it so much, I just purchased the Helix book. Thank you very much!
  10. Thanks for your prompt reply. I really hope you put this info in an update. There seems to be bit of difference even among the programs I use regarding the shape of the EQ curves with the same values. Thanks again.
  11. Does the book do any deep diving on the EQ blocks? I'd like to see a graphical representation of what they do. For example, if I use the 10 band EQ block and boost 2khz by 8dB - is it a spike or a curve? I'd also like to see what the Q values of the parametric EQ look like. How wide is the range of frequencies affected by a Q=0.2 vs Q=0.9. This info would speed up my preset building and aid me in my crazy tone matching obsession :) Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. mritt

    3.2 hint?

    I'm hoping for: rev generator's fuzz channel a variac simulator or a plexi with a variac setting (l6 pod500) Schaffer Replica pedal better parametric EQ with visualization and without the limiting low mid and high settings A feedbacker would be nice. I currently simulate the effect using the pitch shifter at +19 maybe (I'm away from my helix ATM) and fade it into the mix with the pedal. When the pedal is up, its 100% dry guitar, and when fully depressed you get 100% of the +19 harmonic tone. I don't get that long sustained feedback you would get with a cranked amp but I could also engage the sustainer effect if I needed it. I hope that helps someone.
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