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  1. mritt

    Split input for 2 guitars into Helix

    Thank you very much Rocles! Your preset was a big help and it worked like a charm. Problem solved. Thanks everyone!
  2. mritt

    Split input for 2 guitars into Helix

    I didn't know you could plug an instrument into an FX return. Thanks for the info Kilrahi.
  3. mritt

    Split input for 2 guitars into Helix

    Ah crap, sorry my bad. I should have said Helix LT. It doesn't have an AUX input. I will edit my post. Thanks for the help though ChasingMango.
  4. Hi, I'm teaching my neighbor's kid to play guitar and I wanted her to have some fun playing with the Helix LT. I was wondering if I could use a 1/4" Y-splitter to connect both guitars into the single Helix LT input. Both guitars are passive - a 96 Les Paul Custom and a Gretsch Streamliner centerblock Jr. Will this kind of setup damage the Helix LT in any way? Thanks.
  5. mritt

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    Some old farts like me are stuck in our ways unfortunately :)
  6. mritt

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    Yeah, it would be generally for studio type use. Most tweaks would be lost in a live mix. I really miss my ART 231 EQ which I sold about a year ago along with my other rack stuff when I purchased the Helix. It was a great piece of gear.
  7. mritt

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    I don't see why a 40 band would sound any more digital than the included 10 band EQ. As for tone matched IRs created using software like Ozone etc. they do have a strange artificial, electronic-fizz associated with them that almost sounds like mp3 artifacts to an extent. That's kind of a crappy way to describe it, but its the best I could do. To each their own.
  8. mritt

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    I'm obsessed with tone matching (with the help of spectral comparison) and I like to avoid IRs because they sometimes sound overly digital.
  9. mritt

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    Hello, More than anything, I would love to see a 40 band equalizer. I love to tweak tones to death but I don't like chaining the 10 band EQ with a half dozen or more parametric EQ blocks to get what I am searching for. I'd settle for a 10 band that lets us put our own band values in place (285hz or 9730hz etc....). Thank you.
  10. Thank you very much for your help Phil_m. :)
  11. Hi, I just received my new Helix LT and have immediately upgraded (before test driving it) the firmware and the process was successful. Do I have to restore the backup I made of the original factory presets like it states in the instructions or are the original presets still in "the box" so to speak after the 2.6 upgrade. I did not make any changes to the settings/presets prior to the update. Thanks.