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  1. Here is a stripped down preset of mine using the pitch wham to simulate feedback. Hope it helps. Oops... forgot to tell you - Use the expression pedal to control the feedback/echo levels. feedbacker.hlx
  2. Can you visit the line6 website with your browser on that computer? If it doesn't load, or if some pages refuse to load, you may have some entries in your WIndows hosts file blocking those IPs. Windows runs through the hosts file before checking your firewall and ignores any rules you created allowing connection. Hope this helps.
  3. In case anyone is wondering, the updated book download seems to be working fine now at Sweetwater. I used the email link provided with my initial purchase and it sent me to the new V1.1 version location. BTW, The additional content is great. Thanks Craig.
  4. Thanks you for the excellent idea. I don't own Native but I will definitely try out the pink noise test today. That's a genius idea. I've been trying for months to figure out a way of generating a test tone for such an experiment. Thanks. Thank you very much for the detailed info. That is exactly what I meant with my original EQ question.You have some fantastic bits of info in that article. I liked it so much, I just purchased the Helix book. Thank you very much!
  5. Thanks for your prompt reply. I really hope you put this info in an update. There seems to be bit of difference even among the programs I use regarding the shape of the EQ curves with the same values. Thanks again.
  6. Does the book do any deep diving on the EQ blocks? I'd like to see a graphical representation of what they do. For example, if I use the 10 band EQ block and boost 2khz by 8dB - is it a spike or a curve? I'd also like to see what the Q values of the parametric EQ look like. How wide is the range of frequencies affected by a Q=0.2 vs Q=0.9. This info would speed up my preset building and aid me in my crazy tone matching obsession :) Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. mritt

    3.2 hint?

    I'm hoping for: rev generator's fuzz channel a variac simulator or a plexi with a variac setting (l6 pod500) Schaffer Replica pedal better parametric EQ with visualization and without the limiting low mid and high settings A feedbacker would be nice. I currently simulate the effect using the pitch shifter at +19 maybe (I'm away from my helix ATM) and fade it into the mix with the pedal. When the pedal is up, its 100% dry guitar, and when fully depressed you get 100% of the +19 harmonic tone. I don't get that long sustained feedback you would get with a cranked amp but I could also engage the sustainer effect if I needed it. I hope that helps someone.
  8. Check out Jason Sadites' Youtube channel. He has a whole series of tutorials on mastering the helix. https://www.youtube.com/user/gtr111 Hope this helps.
  9. There are probably a couple dozen ways to do this without creating a pop sound during snapshot change. Rather than shutting off an amp and turning one on, think volume instead and you will have a smooth transition. Some examples: Use volume or gain blocks in front of the amps you wish to switch between. distortion snapshot input 1 = pedal gain [0] ---- brit plexi --- output input 2 = pedal gain [-120] ---- jazz rivet --- output clean snapshot input 1 = pedal gain [-120] ---- brit plexi --- output input 2 = pedal gain [0] ---- jazz rivet --- output or change the output levels distortion snapshot input 1 = brit plexi --- output [0] input 2 = jazz rivet --- output [-120] clean snapshot input 1 = brit plexi --- output [-120] input 2 = jazz rivet --- output [0] change a split from 100% A to the the distorted amp to 100& B to the clean amp Hope this helps. btw. I am away from my helix so the values may be wonky...
  10. Great to hear. Thank you very much for your help Silverhead. :)
  11. Thanks for the reply Silverhead. Will it screw up the warranty or her ability to update the firmware on her own PC at a later date?
  12. Hi, I have been giving guitar lessons to my neighbor's kid for a couple of years now and I decided to buy her a Helix LT for her birthday. I would like to know if I can update the firmware on my PC with my HX Edit to save her the hassle. Thanks.
  13. Mix a little "Tile Verb" in there also - either before, or in parallel to the "Room Verb". A little goes a long way.
  14. Glenn gives you the option of making your own bundles. https://www.glenndelaune.com/build-a-bundle.htm I have a quite a few of his patches and I think they're great.
  15. I'm away from my Helix at the moment but this is what I would do: Put a volume or gain block at the start your signal path. Set the level as low it will go. Assign the blocks bypass to a footswitch set to momentary so it only activates when you touch the switch. (silence when touching) I hope this helps.
  16. My guess is the Rev Gen's GREEN fuzz channel. Green demo at 7:42
  17. Just to follow up with my EQ problem. Rather than being a corrupt preset I'm thinking it may actually be a bug. In my original first snapshot (top picture of my original post) I was able to set the 2kHz band to +2.3dB. Now, strangely I cannot use that value. I can slide it to +2.2dB or +2.4dB, but +2.3dB won't pop up as the value. If I try typing in +2.3 into that band it reads 2.2 after I hit enter. Perhaps in the new FW, the EQ doesn't accept certain values and when it encounters these values in a preset it pumps them to +15db. Hmmmm...
  18. I did that right after I upgraded to 3.0 and I did it again today. The problem still occurs. I tried copying preset versions from my harddrive as well as the preset on the Helix into blank slots and the same +15DB issue popped up again. I guess I will have to rebuild the preset from scratch. Not a big task but thank you very much Datacommando and PeterHamm for your help.
  19. I have discovered a weird EQ bug in one of my presets. Snapshot 1 plays fine but when I switch to another snapshot all of the 2khz bands suddenly become +15dB - which is not how I had them set. Then when I switch back to snapshot 1, it too now says +15dB. If I double click the preset (reload) snapshot 1 corrects itself. But if I change snapshots again, the +15dB problem returns. I've imported an old exported backup I made months ago before installing 3.0 and it has the same problem even when saved in a different preset slot. Helix LT running HXedit 3.0 with 3.0 firmware upgraded recently from fw 2.82. Windows 7 machine 32GB ram Here are some screenshots and the preset. TOM WAITS.hlx
  20. mritt

    Foreigner Tone

    I hope this helps:
  21. I am an EQ tweaking fanatic. Since my idea of a 30 band EQ (like my old ART unit) was poo-pooed, how about you take off the limits on the parametric EQ. Keep everything the same just go 0-20khz for the low, mid and high frequencies so I wont have to use multiple EQ blocks (extra DSP) if I want to tweak 3 lower or upper frequencies. Thanks.
  22. Thank you very much Rocles! Your preset was a big help and it worked like a charm. Problem solved. Thanks everyone!
  23. I didn't know you could plug an instrument into an FX return. Thanks for the info Kilrahi.
  24. Ah crap, sorry my bad. I should have said Helix LT. It doesn't have an AUX input. I will edit my post. Thanks for the help though ChasingMango.
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