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  1. i have had a really hard time finding it from another vendor. I checked out mouser. The problem is the pin style for the PCB. In other words the pins angle down. I can find some that are 10K pots but not for stereo so only 3 pins angle down, but not the six. I found some that have all 6 down but the resistance is off say instead of A10K its B100K. :(.
  2. is there any other place to get the replacement pot from than FullCompass? they seem to be out of stock and i am in desperate need to fix mine. same issue as above occurred.
  3. An amp i have does not have fx return, i have read others getting good sound going directly in front. So was wondering how folks were setting up those patches.
  4. Hello all, Lets say you don't have 4CM as an option into your amp. What are some suggestions of constructing a signal chain to go in the front of an amp? For example - volume pedal --> distortion --> delay --> Reverb?
  5. You guys are right . Folks want to try to use amps due to the belief that there is an element of that sounds that is difficult to capture.
  6. Hello friends, I use the 4CM into my AMP at home. However at church we are planning to use real amps instead of direct into FOH. The plan is to have the amps off stage in a side room mic'd. My question is regarding cabling. Of course at home I use that standard 1/4 cables. However there is no way my cables could be used in this situation and would also be concerned with tone loss. What do others do here?
  7. Yes, can you share some of your successful settings. Call it what you like, there is something wrong when a majority of folks are finding it difficult to dial in the Auto Swell. It should not be so difficult. I have a buddy that has an HD400, and I am able to use the Auto Volume feature to get exactly what I would expect out of this older/less expensive unit.
  8. Can you guys share your swell patches you have come up with? I too am having a hard time getting it to sound right.
  9. jyanes

    Snapshot Copy

    Thanks guys, let me give the hardware copy a shot. Thanks
  10. jyanes

    Snapshot Copy

    Is there a way within the Helix editor to copy a snapshot to another snapshot? I am using the Mac version, when i right click and copy a snapshot, there is then no option to paste on top of another snapshot. Any thoughts?
  11. jyanes

    Rubber feet

    Mine did the same thing. They are all gone now. :(
  12. Does anyone know where i could see a list of AMP models in the Helix and what Cabs they would typically be paired with? Including mic combinations? Looking for a starting point guide.
  13. Hey guys just in case there is anyone interested. I had recently upgraded to Helix Editor 2.11 from 2.02. The problem was that a bundle i had created in 2.02 would not load in the 2.11 editor for me to restore my patches. I did not need all my patches just particular ones, so... I used the python script above as a starting point to decrypt the Helix Bundle file. I loop through each setlist in the bundle and create new .HLX files for each tone within the setlist. I was then able to load through the 2.11 editor the individual .HLX files and they worked! You can find the script here - https://github.com/jyanes83/Line6-Helix-Bundle-Parser
  14. Hey friends. I am looking for others that are playing a Gretsch hollowbody with filtertron pickups. I use a Black Falcon but anyone with a similar guitar, hopefully you can help - I can get pretty good tones from the guitar and the Helix, however i wanted to see what EQ settings (parametric, etc) others may be using to tame the hollowbody. Getting the best sound you can from the guitar. I play mainly worship/rock music. So i go from clean to a bit of high gain.
  15. jyanes

    Patch challenge

    Hey guys need some help. Trying to recreate the sound that the guitarist is doing in this song. Like a tremolo/pitch shift thing going on.
  16. Thanks man. Keep doing what you are doing!
  17. Should I do these adjustments on global eq, on the cab or place an eq block after amp before cab?
  18. Hey guys looking for settings that you all have found to work great in terms of eq and high/low cuts for particular guitars - Gibson Les Paul studio - prs custom 24 - g&l bluesboy semi hollow body - gretsch black falcon hollow body I play at church and have found that at home my patches and distortion especially sound good. But then when plugged into our house and volumes turned up, everything is harsh. I am just looking to get baseline ideas based on those of you out their that have had success.
  19. jyanes

    Glenn Delaune

    Speaking of Glenn I have seen many posts that mention to use his recommended global eq settings. I must be missing something because I can not find them anywhere? Oh and I agree he is awesome.
  20. Thanks guys. I guess I need to remember too that when I construct patches or download patches that I put things to mono :(. Can't use stereo effects.
  21. So i have read a bunch of posts and wondered if there are any tips to apply to my patches and settings to get the best sound, knowing that i will not have stereo (left/right) and can only use mono (left) XLR to the house. 1. Should i make all my patches pan left 100%? 2. Should i set my XLR out to Mic Level instead of Line level? Anything else to consider?
  22. Hello everyone. I know there are already a couple of threads with users reporting hiss and issues with XLR output to their board. In summary it appears this is mainly due to the board sending phantom power to the Helix. My ask to the community to help others is what is the recommended configuration for sending your Helix guitar signal "Mono" to a board for each condition below? Assumptions - 1. XLR Left Mono Out Conditions - 1. Board is sending Phantom Power to device (Phantom power can not be turned off) 2. Board is not sending Phantom Power Questions - 1. When should i use Mic level output versus Line level output?
  23. jyanes

    Lead boost

    How do you assign the mixer output?
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