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  1. I've not played the Acoustisonic yet, but the video demos I've seen are really impressive. It is a little pricey for me, but new ideas usually are when they first come out. I've added it to my reverb.com watch list so if one comes up used, or an open box/scratch-and-dent comes up with an online store (that's how I got my awesome Blueshawk for 60% off) I may snatch it up. I have found that I'm not as pleased with either of the 12 string models on my VAX700 as I am with the Dread setting on a chorus pedal. I may need to spend more time EQing it or put it through the Workbench software. I'm with you though, a patch to add an electric model would be ideal, and probably take the Acoustisonic off of the wish list for me.
  2. I saw the picture before I read the post, and thought that was a real thing! I thought, "I gotta have one of those!" Take note Line6. With the new Fender Acoustisonic capable of organic sounding acoustic tones AND authentic electric capability, I might be switching guitars someday...
  3. Welcome to the forum. I'm glad you brought this up. I am with you, I like the acoustic look and the larger variety of acoustic voices on the AC700, but would LOVE to be able to switch to an electric sound. I've tried distortion pedals and overdrives to see if I couldn't get something acceptable, to no avail. I've thought about installing an electric guitar pickup (sound hole) and running a separate jack for it. I'm still weighing whether or not it just makes more sense to have a Strat on stage. Finding a hack to do it with no alterations would be ideal though.
  4. Just a quick update. It appears that I've eliminated the problem of the popping and clicking sound. Turns out that when the new sound guy was resetting the board up to his liking the phantom power got turned on for that channel... so, just like the manual says, it made popping sounds. I didn't put two and two together. Glad I didn't buy a new XPS. Thankfully I followed Codamedia's advice and started with the simple stuff first. :)
  5. Okay, I feel better. It looks like there are three service centers near me in Nashville, so if it should be a problem I could go there. You might PM me a recommendation just in case I need them in a hurry. By the way, thanks for your quick responses to our questions.
  6. That's sort of scary. The manual says that the batteries get bypassed when running the XPS. Is that common knowledge that it can damage the guitar afterall? Did I miss the memo? If it is what's wrong, how much is it going to cost to repair?
  7. Hi psarkissian and codamedia! Thanks for the replies. I wasn't aware of the batteries interfering with the XPS. Did this turn out to be an issue later? I'm great with whatever will fix it.
  8. I continue to absolutely love this guitar. The longer I play it live, the more I am getting out of it. Amazing. However, a couple of weeks ago it began popping intermittently. The popping was accompanied by a static sound. I bypassed the A/B and went with battery power which worked out fine as a temporary solution. For $100 I can get a new XPS-AB box with a new TRS cable, but before I go that route I thought I'd check to see if this is something any of you experienced. I'd hate to get another one and find out it was only the cable, then again I wouldn't want to buy a cable and find out that it was an issue with the jack and how it draws power. Thoughts on the logical way to proceed?
  9. Hey Soundog! I hope you are well. Thanks again for your tip of dropping the bass notes by an octave. That sits great in the mix and completely does the job of giving us that bottom end until we get someone else to cover it. Any other great ideas for enhancing live performances?
  10. I eventually gave up and got an old PC laptop running an old version of Windows, and everything works fine now. HOWEVER, as much as I love my old Variax Acoustic 700, I won't even think about getting anything newer simply because there isn't the Legacy support that there should be. I would love to get a JTV-59, but I don't want to run into these same compatibility issues 10 years from now. We expect obsolescence with computers, but guitars are something we want to treasure and pass down. With the Variax being both, I recognize the problem Line 6 has, but likewise, they have to acknowledge the problem we have with that as consumers. There might not be any money in fixing the software now, but if it impacts future product decisions, isn't it worth it?
  11. While a real fix doesn't seem like it would be that hard to come up with, I went with plan "B" and got ahold of an old laptop running Windows 7 that nobody wanted. I got it for free from work actually. Our IT guy was on the verge of throwing it out, never thinking anyone would want a 3 gig computer running old software. So I was blessed to ask at just the right time. Even if that hadn't happened though, these old laptops go for around $50 on ebay. Of course, running it on my new Mac would be ideal as eventually, these old systems will be as hard to find as a computer running on floppies and MS-DOS. I loaded the regular version of Workbench on it, and I've already changed the Shamisan into a Gibson Super Jumbo with the bass strings an octave down. (As we don't have a bass player in our worship team yet). This is going to be fun! (Great idea Soundog. Those bass notes really add a lot to certain songs.)
  12. The nylon setting on my steel string Vax Acoustic 700 is pretty convincing and one of my favorite "voices" on the guitar, so you know that the modeling work has been done. I use it for worship at church, starting out the service with the big 12 string sound, moving into fingerpicked dread toward the middle and going tender with the nylon at the end. It's awesome. So L6, why not give it to the rest of the line?
  13. You are so right about the cables. I've got a bin of them that I'm waiting to get soldered. Between the bands I've played in and my kids going through them, they really add up. My guitar is running fine now. It has yet to repeat those symptoms several hours of playing with the fresh set of batteries and the fixed connector. Still, with a small but important gig coming up on Wednesday and not completely trusting the Vax on batteries, I decided to plug in my trusty 25 year old Martin D-15 equipped with the LR Baggs Lyric pickup. After playing the Vax pretty much exclusively for a month, I was blown away by how rich, full and great sounding the Martin was. The difference between the "dread" on the dial, and using the real thing, was like night and day. I still love the Vax, and think its an amazing tool for bigger rooms, especially in the mix with a band and on the PA, but in smaller situations, you can't beat the Martin/Baggs combination. That's what I love about guitars though. There are so many options depending on what you want to do, with the Vax the most versatile among them. It's easier lugging around guitars that pianos. :)
  14. Update... I replaced the batteries, and checked the connection and discovered that the positive side going into the battery pack was super loose. I gave it a little squeeze and it's been running for an hour with no problems. I'll probably put another end on it that snaps into place rather than resting on the post. Hopefully, that's all it was. I've got little amps throughout the house and my office so wherever I am I can plug in and play, so the batteries are good for that but you are right, that's going to be expensive in the long run. Another power supply makes sense and will keep me from flipping out when the guitar starts starving for power. :) I'll do like you and keep another guitar on standby, but I do think I'll get another one of these as a backup. Right now there's one on ebay for under $400... Thanks again for your help.
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