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  1. First things first, i have android 5.11 OS and it will not even download the spyder app from google play, saying android not compatible, but yet it's greater the 5.0 My amp rattles, all the metal along the top of the speaker, super Cheapppppo So far i'm having major buyers remorse, going from a spider iv 75 with 300 great guitar tones, to a spider v240 with only 88 seems like stepping backwards, i can't BELIEVE there's no link between the flashing tap button and the speed of the drum patch. And why not throw some bluetooth for the android app when you already have it for the guitar remote?!?! this amp seems and feels like a rushed product, the only thing good about the amp so far is that it's light for it's size, but i'm suspecting that's cuz it has itty bitty speakers inside of it. Most likely be returning it.
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