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  1. Hey there,I just wanted to chime in and say I have an HX Effects and s very inexpensive Yamaha scoustic (solid top though), and I just love running my acoustic which I forgot to mentinn I have put in a very cheap pop in Dean Markley pickup into the HX Effects and then into a battery powered Blackstar Fly3 with its extension nspeaker turning it into a staggering 6 watt device of audio bliss! I enjoy the Vetta Comp as a super easy bigger than life instant compressor, maybe an eq for extra sparkle, then the fun stuff, I like the Elephant Man echo with modulation. The effects sound fantastic, and I just love having that cushy lush sound of those modulated repeats as a core sound. Endless fun, you are gonna love it!
  2. They tend to recommend just starting with a 4cm preset in the box already and altering it. I am in the process of watching Peach Guitars multi episode Youtube videos on using the HXEdit software to program up your HX Effects. I have learned more from those videos than I did in a year of limping along .Please go check them out, they are the best instruction you can get right now, and Jack goes over how to set up a patch from scratch, then he demonstrates the hows and why's of doing up the patch for 4 cable method. Literally, that series is entirely responsible for clearing the HX fog I have had since buying the unit over a year ago. I wish that series of videos shipped with the unit or was prominently linked to from this site.
  3. Hi there, I too am a guy who has had issues getting sounds out of my HX Effects once I tried to use the 4 cable method and I limped along getting dribs and drabs of ideas and information, and I won't try to answer your question technically. But I do have a suggestion and it really helped me get my head around the editing features in the software HXEdit which seems to have a real dearth of instructional videos as it applies to HXEffects and us dummies who still think old school for signal chain. Peach Guitars HX effects punched into the search box on the Youtube site will bring you to a series of videos on using the software HXEdit with the HX Effects unit, and they are the best that I have found out there, and they are very easy to follow and underfstand. Jack, the guitarist explains things like the how and why to insert your amp into an effects block, then demonstrates in real time doing just that, then he configures the outputs so that you can once again hear your amplifier. Go check them out, specifically you need episode 3 or 4 (4 i think) to help you address the exact problem you are having, but I advise wathing the series right from the start to learn the basics. I was literally just thinking of posting a recommendation for those videos to the general users because they really really are helping me, lets see if they help you. Good luck!
  4. Hey all, this is my first post here,my name is Doug Patterson and I picked up an HX Effects to be my Swiss army super pedal. My apologies if I have come to the wrong forum. I don't really want to drop my tubes yet, so that is my reason for not going Helix. I have a Friedman Smallbox Combo that sounds quite honestly fantastic, but as good as it is, my old Bogner Alchemist combo that was going to go bye bye suddenly finds itself of some use as when set in the cleaner channel boosted and such sounding kinda like a cranked old bassman or something`compliments the Friedman's Marshall type crunch very nicely. They share a huge Blackstar old school flat front oversized stereo 4x12 cab loaded with Vintage 30's. The blend is very nice. I liked the idea of running them stereo, a simple plan. But then I discovered just how awesome wet dry is. and how ultimately wet dry wet is. that is probably easily achievable with 7 cable method. As I mentioned, the dry combos I would like stereo as while originally there would be only drives out front, but Univibes and phase shifters I like going into the driven amps. I would like stereo wet, but I may need to switch between amps, plus I have a small Mackie mixer on my board (???!!!), so I was thinking running out of both amp effects loop sends out to the board to be combined into a mono feed for the few keeper mono wet pedals I can't ditch quite yet hopefully in the stereo effects loop of the board into the HX Effects to be stereoized by some nice HX stereo mod,verb,or whatever I gotta have, loop back into board, main board outs with a mostly wet signal out to either a surplus Crown power amp I have or a Fender Blues Junior and an ancient greenback loaded Ampeg Rocket from the very early 60's.what can I say? I'm old,grumpy,set in old ways. I am not trying to brag about how much gear I have, or how great some of it is or isn't, hell, except for the Friedman that came to me as a treat bought with a lucky 50/50 ticket at a hockey game, everything else is just stuff laying around. My dad bought me that Ampeg in the early 70's when I was 7.It was an old beat looking $75 used piece of bygone days gear when I got it. Anyways, I am a Line 6 special needs case with big ideas but not the programming savvy to quite figure out. The common starting point recommended around here is download a 4CM patch and go from there, but I need a 7CM patch with a few special requirements for mostly the outputs that I am not quite able to figure out routing wise. My ultimate dream request would be for some kind soul to perhaps upload a 7CM patch with assigned outputs for the 2 stereo loops I hope to have. I could examine the signal flow and routing etc. That, I would be most grateful for. Oh, and ground loops and stuff? Currently I have a stereo ART transformer type direct box with ground lifts, a tech who knows grounding cold, and a local Long & McQuade in my neighborhood. Thank you to those who took the time to read to the bottom of this long post.
  5. The Script Phase is a Phase 90 model, I think it is in the Legacy section. Great phase shifter. I am a big fan of the Ubiquitous Vibe for extra gummy thick phasey tones as well. I hope you are enjoying yours, mine is getting use as my own vocal processor while I play skins in a band. Sounds great.
  6. Thank you fellas for both the original post (a question I would have asked as my very first post right down to the punctuation marks) and for the pointers.I am Univibing tonite!
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