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  1. Well I finally figured it out........... I needed to update the Pod drivers.
  2. I have tried using Reaper but it still only changes the Patch without toggling any FX, so there must be a setting on the Pod. My settings are; FS Mode set to ABCD MIDI Channel set to OMNI MIDI OUT/THRU set to OUT Are there any other relevant settings I might need to change?
  3. Yes that's what I thought. When I input the data into the CC#51 Controller Lane I can only hope that it's going out through CC#51, I don't think I can manually check/edit the MIDI routing in the version of Cubase I have. A weird thing I've just discovered is that when data is put into the CC#51 Controller Lane in the MIDI Event (or Clip) the automation data in the Automation Lane doesn't change, so they must be 2 different things? (I've tried inputting data into the Automation Lane without success too) It seems like this is a Cubase problem, so I'll try using Reaper or something and see if it's the DAW.
  4. Thanks Hurghanico, but I have checked and the MIDI OUT is set to OUT, and I have tested both ABCD and FS 5-8, but it still only works with patch changes and not FX toggling. For receiving MIDI data, should FS1 be assigned to MIDI CC#51 in the MIDI Assign Settings, or should it be blank, or does it matter? I set it to CC#51 in order to record the MIDI data to Cubase, but should it be blank for it to playback? (note: I've tested both ways without success)
  5. Thanks for the reply. Cubase already picks up that footswitch 1 is on CC#51 (if you look closely at the 2nd Controller Lane in the 1st pic), its just that it seems the Pod doesn't react to the MIDI being sent. The 3 dots you see on the CC51 Controller Lane were actually recorded by pressing FS1 on the Pod, so I have no idea why it doesn't perform what was just recorded. I'm pretty sure I don't need to edit any of those Generic Remote settings either, as they are for when the Pod is controlling Cubase.
  6. Hi, I've been successful in changing patches on my Pod HD500 using Cubase LE AI Elements 8, but the Pod just doesn't toggle the effects on/off when a midi command is sent to it. The Pod is sending and receiving signal as I have even recorded effect toggles from it to a MIDI track, but the Pod only responds to the patch changes, not the effects toggling. I'm not sure if I need to change any settings in the Generic Remote Settings. Can anyone help please? :)
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