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  1. In my past I managed to achieve a really nice distorted tone with the POD Screamer. Recently I tried to recreate that tone with real pedals and noticed that it sounded nothing like that which shouldn't be a suprise because the Pod-Screamer has Bass and Treble controls which the real Tube Screamer doesn't have. So what exactly is the real model of the POD-Screamer? The only thing I found with Bass and Treble controls is the ''Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive'', ''Ibanez TSB9'' and a Behringer-Copy of the Boss. I wouldn't mind buying one of these pedals but I don't really know if they do the same as the POD-Screamer since they're all bass pedals. Any experiences or suggestions (except buying and trying :D) ?
  2. Hello, as the tilte says, the volume falls down when ''sag'' in the Amp Parameters is turned all the way up. As soon as I start playing the volume lowers itself a little. It's really like a slow compressor. I played with the signal chain around and nothing really helps. May that be the because of the DSP-Limit? I also can't change any of the Amp/Cab settings, because of that mix i'm working on right now. Maybe some general POD settings that could be tweaked?
  3. Ok guys tanks for your input, guess the hardcase is a good investion after all.
  4. Hello, I'd like to know how long you guys have been using your HD500(X) and what problems you encountered so far. I'm asking because I have a rather bad experience with floorpedals (just one tho): My Digitech RP355 just shut down after about 2 years of almost daily use back in 2013. (I didn't step too hard on it or abused it otherwise) It wouldn't turn on again and it also didn't had a powerswitch. I bought it for about 300€ and it just lasted me about 2 years... Since then I kinda have nightmares about floorpedals. I still bought the HD500X because of the great sound and its recording abilities since I'm currently making my music completely alone. I've read some stuff about updating problems and dead inputs and I'm already shivering because it sounds so great and I really don't want to lose it. (Even tho I didn't bother to update it since I didn't noticed any bugs until now and the previous owner only used it like 4 times at home) I've seen that Line6 takes 90$/hr for out of warranty repairs aaaand bruh... I don't know how long my unit will do well before it needs a repair, and how long it will be doing well after a repair... Im certainly not an expert but I can see the 90$ easily becoming a ~200$ with everything else involved (parts etc.) I think thats a little pricey... And before I'm going to buy that hardcase for an additional 130€ I want to hear some other peoples expierences. Maybe I'm better off buying a reliable amp then.
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