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  1. Is anyone else experiencing problems with the HXFX tuner? I’ve had major problems with it at my last two gigs. It’s either completely freezing when tuning the low E string back up from a dropped tuning, just randomly displaying ‘D’ and not responding, or it’s telling me the low E string is in tune when it’s actually very sharp (it does the latter both when tuning to E or drop D). I have some pedals before the HXFX, but none of them are on except an EP Booster (set to unity) when I’m tuning. I’m using the HXFX tuner in strobe mode. Running the 2.8 update, haven’t done 2.8.1 yet. It really sucks because I just sold my PolyTune and went “all-in” regarding the HXFX tuner. I’d been sticking with the PolyTune because of comfort and speed, but it seemed the HXFX tuner had improved a couple updates ago and I was trying to force myself to get used to it. But it’s functioning horribly and was a real PITA in the “heat of battle”...
  2. Is this safe to do on the HXFX Ext Amp end of the TRS cable? I’m having the same issue with my Mesa Electra Dyne. There are members at TGP saying I might as well be asking to be electrocuted to death if I lift the ground on the TRS cable... Thanks.
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