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  1. You are a god send man thank you so much. I’ve had a bit more of a play around and I think I’m going to take the rc30 out completely and use my Logic Pro instead because it works a lot smoother now I’m running the hx. Truly thank you for your patience and help dude if anything I’ve learnt a bit more about how it all works!
  2. I followed what you said and have sound coming out from pre existing recordings but when I try and do one now I’m not getting any playback. I think at this point the question I need to be asking is with the 4 cable method (which my looper worked fine in) is there a way I can still use the amps etc built into the stomp?
  3. Is this the only way of doing it?! It sucks! It won’t let me record any new parts and it’s ruined the functionality of my looper and if I want to use a preset I have to add an fx loop into the signal chain. Surely there’s a way to connect it so it’s the same as connecting it to any other pedal?!
  4. Searched everywhere for an answer to this but couldn’t find one anywhere so for the first time ever I posted in a forum and you delivered bro thank you. It’s crazy how ive had to spend a block in a specific preset so I can use my looper haha
  5. Thanks for the reply mate, so to be exact I have my guitar plugged into the input of the stomp then my output from L/mono into the return effect loop of my Katana 100 and that’s it. What I’d like to do is add my rc-30 into that chain so I can use the looper with my Hx stomp but I’m struggling to patch it together. Hope that better describes my problem and I hope I don’t look too dumb haha. also it’s a mk1 katana so it does not have the power amp input.
  6. Hi dudes, I’ve just purchased an Hx stomp and have had it running successfully with the 4CM with my Rc-30 looper in the chain. I would like to use the direct in method so I can make use of the Helix’s preamp settings instead of my Katana but I cant seem to integrate my looper into the mix as they both need to be connected to the return on my effect loop to work. I know it probably is something so simple and minor to remedy but my brain for some reason has left the building. Please someone help me before I explode
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