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  1. Bump! Same...can’t do it? Really? I can’t figure it out. can I get a tech to chime in and confirm?
  2. Clearly you know exactly what the problem is. You’re not even questioning it - seems like it’s of the cuff and something you’ve dealt with many times. Which tells me that Line 6 knows what the problem is, but hasn’t fixed the problem. So, for the record, and everyone’s peace of mind…what exactly is the problem?
  3. Wow! This problem goes back quite some time! I just got a brand new JTV59 (03/04/20) from Sweetwater Music. Straight out of the box the switch doesn’t work - switches the magnetic pickups but not the models. I don’t need to go into any more of the details as it is the same problem everyone else here has been plagued with. I wanted to use the guitar on stage last night but had to revert to my “other” stage guitar; my JTV89 Variax. I’ve always had good luck with my Line 6 products. I own: - an original Pod - G50 guitar wireless - Spyder practice amp - Helix - JTV89 Variax - all the software that goes with the above devices and some third party stuff too. So yea, I’ve been a fan supporting Line 6 for over 20 years. My buddy Jack Sonni used to rep for them. (After they hired him away from Guitar Center. Lol) This is the first time I’ve had a problem and I hope it can be resolved quickly. Perhaps even a software issue that can be done remotely. Tim Lovick Dallas, Texas
  4. I think I paid $350 for my current wireless and it’s simply 1/4” capable. (It’s a Line 6 producer) I own a Helix and I’m looking at a Variax. But holy hell...no wireless option? I, like many here, am a gigging musician. I don’t do hard wires to my rig. I have to move around. The $1k price point is a bit heavy. Even with it all it requires. Line 6 R&D should be able to figure this out for something in the $500-$700 range. Frankly, it should have been figured out a LONG time ago. How long has it been since the first Variax left the plant? C’mon Line 6 folks...let’s get with it. You claim to serve the professional community. Prove it.
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