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  1. Maybe i have to make a specific setup to the send/return blocks so there's no valvestate preamp dry singal going to the power amp? with the 4CM
  2. ( Thanks for your answers! Yep, i read the Valvestate manual. I'm not really using any stereo effects in the helix, just amps. But my guess is that the valvestate, in the way i plugged everything is not using both power amp sections so i hear the Helix models dull. I'll try to use both returns with every sim in mono (5 cable method??). Althought i read that a splitter cable from the helix return into both returns would be the right way, i don't know..
  3. Hi everyone, i hope your'e doing well and stayin' safe. I've got a Marshall Valvestate 8240 (2 speakers with 40w on each, i assume this is an stereo combo amp) in pretty good conditions, replaced the preamp tube with an EHX 12ax7 valve and it sounds nice, with it's own EQ limitations. But i want to use the fx loop for my Helix LT amp sims. So i went to the official Line 6 youtube video about the cable setup, triying with the FX return in mono from the 1/4" output in Helix at instrument level (tried both instrument and line) but it sounds like there is phase cancellation and every amp sim within the Helix sound the SAME. Muffled, dull, no tube amp dynamics. The preset didn't have any send/return/fx loop blocks, just as the youtube video showed. Then i investigated and discovered that all valvestates have parallel fx loops (i alwys have the dry/wet knob at 100%) and it's highly possible that some preamp signal from the valvestate is bleeding to the master power amp. So i tried the 4 cable method, placing a send and return blocks in my chain with an full amp block (i've read that those amps have a nice clean master power amp so i use full amp models in Helix) and it sounded more real, but i still hear the phase cancellation. The Helix amp reacts much better with this setup but i also read that if i'm using the fx mono return i'm only getting one power amp side since it's an stereo combo and this maybe is the cause of the phase issues. I'm getting frustated with this fx loop thing, i'm sure i can unload my rig's full potential, but i would love to hear if someone uses his beloved Helix with an stereo combo SS amp with parallel fx loop and how. I'm about to sell my Valvestate, but i please tell me if it's worth to keep. Thanks for your help
  4. Hi folks! I haven't tried any Line 6 products before. A guy from my country (México) sells me a POD HD500 for under 100 bucks, but the only detail is that It cames without the Save knob ( the one that's located below save button) i don't knob if It is an Encoder that has been Broken or. just a knob. Is It worth the price? Those replacement parts here in my country are a pain to find, the only way is to buy in USA. Is the save knob totally essential or can i configure It un the HD editor and no worries? Please help!!
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