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  1. Top best camera apps you must try in 2019 Discover the best camera applications to have the most amazing pictures. In the past, people seemed to use cellphone mostly to make phone calls or send messages. Nowadays, thanks to the development of technology, lots of smartphones are created with a wide range of function such as surfing the internet, playing games, listening to music, etc. And surely, taking pictures is one of the most essential factors that buyers often take into consideration. Not everybody knows how to take beautiful pictures. So, to help you save all valuable moments in the best pics, there are many camera apps that you can download and enjoy for free. Here we would like to give you some good recommendations. Candy Camera Candy Camera is the perfect app for those who love taking selfies because you can apply special effects and see changes immediately in real time. With over a hundred filters to choose from, you will surely have many options to get the most impressive photos. The editing operations on the application are easy, allowing you to adjust the brightness or contrast, add more effects, remove blemishes, etc. This application works for free and is compatible with Android version 2.3.3 and above. Main features Real-time selfie filters: If you love taking selfies, you will absolutely fall in love with a lot of filters that Candy Camera offers. Simply swipe your screen to switch between amazing filters. See your changes straight away, and select one that you like most. Easy editing: With Candy Camera, you can rotate, cut or add texts to your pictures easily. Brightness, contrast and resolution can be adjusted to meet your satisfaction. Beauty functions: Just one touch, you can make your skin smoother and whiter thanks to amazing whitening effects. You do no longer worry about blemishes or any imperfections in your face because Candy Camera enables you to remove all. More lovely, you don’t need to make up before taking selfies as Make-up feature is always ready to help you have wide eyes or shiny lips. Take selfies without sound: Many people are afraid of making others annoyed as the sound when taking pics. Today, you can feel free to selfie anywhere with silent selfies mode. Amused stickers and frames: About 100 different frames and hundreds of stickers help your photos become trendy! Having an amazing pic can’t be easier with Candy Camera! Make your Android phone more awesome with Candy Camera! YouCam Perfect When it comes to the camera apps, many people might think about YouCam Perfect that helps you enjoy the perfect portraits like being posted in a magazine. YouCam Perfect includes a wide range of tools to refine your photos best. You can adjust the color of skin or easily delete wrinkles and reshape your round face at ease. Not only that, you can also preview the effects of the application before taking a photo. To go into details, YouCam Perfect has the following main features. Beautifier: help beautify skin at different adjustment levels, remove wrinkles, make eyes more glitter, remove blemishes on the face, make face slimmer, etc. Effects: Adjustable color effects make your photo more beautiful and artistic. You can download additional effects right in the application. Frame: You can decorate the photo with frames. Also, don’t forget to download more interesting frames right from the app. Removal: This is the unique feature of this application that is not available in any other apps. Erasing the background or unwanted ones is not difficult anymore. Collages: This tool helps you put multiple photos together. More free, fabulous frames are waiting for you in the app’s store. After completing the photo like that, please share it immediately with your buddies via your preferred social networks. For more features, please go to Apk download at Top1apk. PhotoWonder Photowonder for Android offers a lot of stunning photo effects, ranging from modern to classic style. Do you prefer a black-white to colorful pictures? - Just choose what you like. When being processed by the program, your photos will become extraordinarily sparkling like a perfect work of art. You can make your eyes bigger, face smaller, skin color more natural ... Lots of unique collages or frame templates are available to put images into. The post-edited images will be easily shared on social networks to your buddies. Besides, the latest version of PhotoWonder has a user-friendly interface, allowing you to make use of this app without difficulty. Hundreds of millions of users all around the world have downloaded this app. Just freely take a selfie and then let the application handle it by changing colors, cutting unwanted parts, blending photos from available templates, etc. Key features Camera effects: Camera effects on the software is very diverse, with a lot of effects to choose from. Photo editing: It is simple to cut, rotate, combine photos on this photo wonder application. Photo content editing: From eyes, lips, legs, skin, face to the whole body, Wonder Photos can help you improve all these things, making you more amazing among hundreds of pictures on social networks. Decorate photos: Loads of beautiful decorations for you to choose from. Collages: Simple collages with just a few simple finger gestures on this photo editing software. Share photos from Photo Wonder to social networks like Facebook to show off to friends Frame: Diverse, multi-sample code. You can also download more for your phone with free photo frames that PhotoWonder provides. What are you waiting for? Download this Camera App Free At Top1Apk right now. Wrapping it up! Everyone likes the beautiful photos. Taking a perfect pic is not only to show off but also to save the best moments in life. When looking back, surely you won’t forget your spectacular experiences. Also, feel free to create pictures that clearly show your characteristics. Download this app to boost your creativity and make others admire you.
  2. Hopefully it can help you. I suggest you to play it in mobile first by some basic software like Perfect Piano...etc
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