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  1. My Focusrite scarlett works fine for recording and listening to wav files and videos, but when I turn on my Helix LT (plugged into the computer with USB) it takes over the audio. I cant separate the helix level from any other sounds. If I turn down my helix volume knob, the music I am playing on the focusrite also turns down. If I turn down my mic input gain, it also turns the helix down. This is really annoying and I'm wondering if anyone has fixed this problem. I'd like to continue using the HXedit to control my sounds, but maybe unplugging that is the only way to fix it. thanks, Joel
  2. Even though I was not having the issue any more, I did a reset/update, which I should probably do anyway. I did the following: backed up bundle and set lists factory reset the LT (buttons 10&11) - set lists seemed to remain intact updated my HXedit to 3.11 updated my LT to 3.11 updated firmware factory reset the LT, because it asked me to (buttons 9&10) - this time the set lists were erased imported my set list things seem to be working as usual My question is: Is this the procedure I needed to do to refresh the firmware and remove possible glitches? thanks, Joel
  3. If I had the problem now, and do a reset, and then it worked, that would be proof that reset fixes the problem. But - it is working fine now, so there is nothing for a reset to prove. I am worried it will happen again, but on stage. I checked - no phantom power, and no apparent power issues. Maybe I should buy another Helix and keep it as a backup on stage? This is all good advice, and I really appreciate it!
  4. 1) So you think this is not a hardware issue? 2) Did you have this problem? Is reset what you did to fix it? 3) I imagine some others had this problem. Is reset what they did to fix it? Now I am feeling very insecure about my Helix LT reliability, and not sure I want to continue with it. I'd feel better if I knew that hundreds of people fixed this problem with a reset, and it wasnt a hardware issue for them.
  5. I’ve been gigging with Helix LT for several years just fine (XLR left output direct into mixer). At band practice last night volume decreased and then came back, and it started clicking/popping. Then it stopped working. No sound. Then bottom row of buttons made some noise, and top row worked ok, then stopped again. Same when changing banks. Tried power off – nope, change guitar cable – nope. Then it began working like normal, but had a few seconds randomly dropping out. Seems to be working fine now, but I am skeptical. Any ideas what the problem is? Thanks, Joel
  6. 1) HX Edit, I want my wah pedal to be initially on, so I dont have to press the pedal toe to turn it on. How do I do that? 2) How can I set the level to be louder at the lower frequencies (heel down)? I dont know how to do controller assign, so detailed instructions would be helpful. thanks
  7. I use the Helix direct to PA for gigs. I use only presets, no stomps. Every now and then the helix gets into a mode where the presets have disappeared. Likely I accidently hit both bank buttons simultaneously, but I'm not sure. Its always a panic trying to get back to the preset mode while the band waits for me. I dont use other modes so I dont have a clue what mode it went into. And because I tried so many different things, I dont know what I did to fix it. I think turning it off and back on didnt work. What is the quickest way to exit whatever mode you are in (stomp, edit, whatever) and bring up preset mode? thanks.
  8. Thanks. I consider DAW as the whole workstation (interface & software), so I think that confused things by trying to be succinct. I have a Focusrite Scartlet18i interface running on a PC with Cakewalk Sonar for multitrack recording. The helix LT XLR out is connected to an XLR mic input on the Focusrite, which I want to record. I do not want to use the helix as a recording interface. I just want it to be a "dumb" amp modeler. With the USB connected (to run HX edit), when I play music on the PC like from a youtube video, it bleeds into the XLR output from the helix. How can I turn that "feature" off? A simple answer is to disconnect the USB when I want to record, but I want to learn the workings of the helix.
  9. I have a DAW that I use to make recordings. I want to record guitar sounds coming out of helix. So I have XLRs coming out of Helix into the DAW. I plug my helix LT into USB to run HX edit to get the sound I want. I play along with a song on the internet and record (what I thought was) just my guitar sound. When I play back, the song from the internet was mixed in to the recording. If I listen to a song on the internet, the volume knob on the helix controls the volume of the song. So, the helix is somehow mixing in sounds from my PC into its output. This doesnt happen if I unplug the USB. What setting will turn this "feature" off? Joel
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