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  1. I had to trade my fbv in for another for a different reason but the switch on the new on is easier to toggle. It is kind of odd though. The switch does appear to be covered by a plate. I guess the switch is behind it. I’m glad I didn’t let my curiosity get the best of me I almost punched it out with a chisel.
  2. Rayk86ss thanks! I found it. Now i will play Post Toastee to my hearts content.
  3. Luckily I saved some of the old presets under My Tones on Spider Remote. Im glad I did becase it appears some of the old ones I liked were eliminated. One of my old favorites was RezoDecay, At first Rezo seemed a little useless but then I wrote a song that really took advantage of it. Out of curiosity I checked the Cloud to see if I can find it anywhere. Does anyone know the previous tones are available? I may be able to turn it up with a more thorough search. I made a few tweaks to it before i saved it to My Tones but I would like to find it with the original settings. That said, I think MKII a great upgrade. I love the classic mode. Now that I’ve done the firmware update I’m assuming that if I select factory reset that it’s going to set it to factory settings for MKII as opposed to what my spider V60 originally came with . On a totally different subject that I’ve always wanted to get off my chest. I wish Line 6 would go ahead and give the The the V30 the looper function. I think most beginners who buy that amp with really take advantage of that. It seems like it would be a simple thing to add. But thank you line 6 for making the upgraded firmware free. I really appreciate that.
  4. I had the “pop” issue with my fbv and spider v 60. I bought both at Sweetwater, It happend with the loop function. When id played back the loop it would pop at the point where i stepped on the function switch at the end of the loop. I went back and forth with the tech at sweetwater. Tried changing cat 5, updating firmware (prior to release of MKII) tried grounding fbv (thought it might be static electricity) but nothing worked. Sweetwater was great and exchanged the fbv. However The new one popped once but now has not for a long time, which makes me wonder if or was something it was something with the amp. I didnt try checking the pins as suggested bt fflbrggst. Maybe a possibility. ( thx for the suggestion) tech at Sweetwater told me he took the fbv apart, checked solder and switches etc. they hooked to spider v 60 and it popped for them too. They too are stumped. They could not find anything. They actually sent it back to Line 6 to see if they can find it anything. Tech told me hed let me know if they tell him anything. I’ve updated the firmware again to MK Ii and so far it has been OK but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.
  5. I have a spider V 60. Its my understanding that since it is a modeling amp it has no effect in out ports/jacks. So can't use any other effects pedals like you would on a standard amp. The spider is fun for experimentation but I'm planning on getting a regular amp in the future so I can play (and spend my savings) on effects pedals,
  6. ADBrown can you tell me how you assign the effect parameter to the expression pedal? Thanks. Its simple things like that that are missing from the Pilots guide.
  7. If I understand Bears question the effect ON OFF would usually be indicated by the brightness level of colored LED, but after reading several posts the colored LEDs only work when the FBV3 is plugged to certain amps. However if your footswitches do glow with color when the effect is ON when the color LED is brighter, When OFF the color LED is dimmer. ADBrown is right, effect on off isn't displayed on the screen. Sorry for boring you if I totally misunderstood your question.
  8. Therileystudio you are SO right. It is almost mysterious the lack of information not only in the Pilot guide but anywhere on the web or youtube. It is almost as if the FBV3 were cast into a blackhole. There are several brief overviews, or alternately, people who have connected it to starships to OZ but nothing that simply studies and demonstrates it for the complete functionality the unit can provide. I am considering starting a thread for FBV3 in conjunction with Spider V60 (the lowest model to take advantage of its looping function) to share my experience and with the hopes others will too.
  9. If anyone stumbles across this out here in the wasteland I have an update. I exchanged the FBV3 pedal and the new one does the same thing, so I believe I can rule out a defective pedal. I think it must be static electricity. Guess Ill have to rip the carpet out of my house and install hardwood floors.
  10. It took me the longest time to figure this out. The switch is there. You really have to put some oomph behind it when you press the foot switch. I actually thought I was going to break it. It works best if the pedal is on a hard floor. I had mine on carpet and I could never get the switch to toggle since the fbv would just sink into the carpet. Put your toe on the volume pedal and give a good solid push. I guess they made it so stiff so you would not accidently toggle it when you were increasing the volume.
  11. Im using a fbv3 pedal with spider v60. Bought both 2019. Using the looper. I layed down my first loop and when cycled back to the beginning there was an extremely loud POP! So loud i was concerned it would damage the speaker. Its done this on several occasions though not all the time. I dont know if its a short in the loop function footswitch or perhaps caused from static electricity. Im mostly using it on carpet. I moved it to a hard floor for a couple of hours and no pop but im not certain thats it. On carpet the pop isnt consistent either. I might loop several times no problem, but then POP! Im wondering if anyone elese has experienced this with the fbv3 or similar gear. I wish i knew the answer before i go to the trouble of returning it to Sweetwater.
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