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  1. Hey! There are some ideas I just posted in Ideascale. Please, Vote UP!!! Expression pedal through HX Stomp MIDI: Bas Pedals: Tone Sovereign Effect individual ON-OFF: HX STOMP - Toggle Expression that is sent via MIDI CC#: Thanks!!! Luis
  2. Just some insights about the 6 blocks limitation (I don't think this is a limitation, but ok): - If you have a volume block, delete it! There are other ways to control volume with some tricks like controlling the master volume of an effect or amp block. Also, you can add a "fake" split and control de volume of the mixer - You can use the return as an input for your instrument, put a send-return block in HXS signal chain, send it through USB to a computer with Helix Native, have all effects there like the big sister and return via usb to the HXS chain. I did it and work very well, no latency for me with my bass - Instead of use separate amp and speakers blocks, use a combo block. Regards Luis
  3. Cool! I did the volume control with an amp volume instead of a volume block. But the fake paralel chain is awesome! Thanks! Luis
  4. I have the EP1-L6, that I modified to work exactly as the sp1-l6h and a last mod I did is a third output to work with the ES8 :-) Not at the same time, but now I can choose to use the pedal direct with the HXS OR with the ES8, for example. And, I just added the Toggle switch. Its like a sp1-l6h PLUS, lol. Luis
  5. It doesn't work. Both EXP are always working this manner. Luis
  6. Its exactly what I want to. Sending both CC#1 and CC#2 to HXS works on the blocks with this controller assigned. But I want to the system works the way it works when EXP pedal is direct attached to HXS. The 0% "trick" is a great function! Thanks! :-) Luis
  7. The toggle is a switch connected to the input in HXS. The expression is sent by midi, but is do not toggle in real. Only if the expression is connected in the input of HXS. I did. It works, but I want the toogle because I want to freeze one of the EXP when I toggle. This way both exp will be always working, but I need to be careful when I toggle to have the pedal in the correct position. If don't, When I toggle to the Volume block, for example, there is a risk that I am in the zero position of the pedal. But, for mosto of the situations, I agree, it works well. Thank you!
  8. You almost Understand. HXS only toggle the exp direct attached to the exp1 input. It do not toggle exp sent through midi CC# message. When I send from es8 I send the exp trough Midi CC#1 wich is the CC that emulates exp1 in the HXS. My toggle switch is direct attached to HXS but when I hit it, no exp toggle. One solution for this issue would be If when i toggle, it could invert the cc messge for each exp, so exp1 is now CC# and exp2 CC#1.
  9. Hey, guys! Posting one more question here, again about expression pedal. After a lot of thinking (and some $$$) I bought a BOSS ES-8 to mount my pedalboard. Through it, I can have the expression pedal through MIDI, but then my questions about HXS started. On ES-8, I can define a CC# 1 message which is what the HXS waits as an emulated EXP (EXP1 for example is emulated by a CC#1 message). But, unfortunately, when I do that I lose the function of toggle EXP with the "toggle exp" function of the HXS. As I fixed which EXP I am using with the CC # message (CC#1 -> EXP1 for example), even if I do toggle EXP on HXS, I will always be with EXP1. Can any of you think of a way around this? It would be very interesting if at HXS there was this possibility of receiving a CC # message that emulates not one of the EXP, but the exact function of the EXP input. Unfortunately the ES-8's EXP TRS output is not compatible with the HXS, or that would be my most obvious choice. I haven't given up on that last option yet, but some conversions are needed that I haven't stopped to do yet ... Regards! Luis
  10. Posted an idea there, about bass pedals, please upvote there!!! These would be amazing in the HX Stomp: - MXR M80 Bass D.i - Tech 21 Bass Driver Deluxe - MXR M87 Bass compressor - Darkglass Alpha-Omega/Alpha-Omicron - Darkglass Duality Fuzz - MXR Bass Envelope FIlter - Moog Moogerfooger MF101 Lowpass FIlter - EHX Bass Bif Muff Pi Deluxe - DOD Meatbox or Mantic Density Hulk - EHX BAss Microsynth - Darkglass Supersimetry bass compressor - DigiTech Bass Whammy - Ashdown NM2
  11. Hey Everyone! Just want to know what are the new Effects and Amps introduced with the new 2.82 version? Any news for Bass Players??? Thanks! Luis
  12. Hi Guys, Thanks for the answers! OK, i do not agree with "that is beyond the capability of midi" but agree with "That is beyond the capability of the STOMP'S midi" Anyway I am asking Line 6 to confirm this because from what I can understand the implementation of the pedal, and the way this kind of system understands an external expression pedal to control internal digital effects, turning the expression pedal potentiometer analog range (which has already been converted to digital inside the pedal) into MIDI messages, depending on the implementation , it would probably not be a hardware question, but a firmware one. Well, I may be completely mistaken and talking a lot of nonsense too... :-) Regards,
  13. Great topic! I'm wondering if there is a way for the HX Stomp to send through usb midi the signal of the analog expression pedal connected in the input of exp? Regards! Luis
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