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  1. Hey there - just installed 2.90 - I tried to change one of the snapshots in a preset. Helix would not select - showing a yellow warning message in HX edit. I had this problem in an earlier version already - the solution was to to save the preset while the error message in HX Edit was shown. This actually worked in this case also - but only after the machine had a total freeze twice! So maybe be a little careful and check all your presets before your next (online)-Gig. Also the copy/paste function by touch-holding the buttons for snapshots does not work ! All the best Alex
  2. Hey Guys - Huge Bug in 2.81 Since I´ve upgraded to 2.81 on many of my presets I cannot switch snapshots anymore - HX-Edit gives an error Message "Helix Device failed to recall snapshot data properly" - Sometimes Helix then crashes completly. 2.8.... has been unusable for me since in 2.80 the pedals were not working properly allready. Hope this will be fixed soon - I´d really like to use this machine. Greetings Alex
  3. Yep - got that same problem - Update is pretty much unusable for me like that.
  4. I have the same problem - That´s a major bug - I can´t really use 2.8 like that! My pedals sometimes do have to switch inbetween snapshots. Hope this will be fixed as soon as possible.
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