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  1. jrosenberger

    HX Stomp for Effects Only?

    If you want to just use your stomp for effects in your amp loop, the amp's FX send goes to stomp in, the stomp out goes to the amp's FX return. You can add some more flexibility with additional cables, but nothing wrong with KISS.
  2. jrosenberger

    First impressions after upgrading to Helix from POD HD

    It would be a huge undertaking to stretch the audio or something, but I think all he's asking for is quantizing the loop commands. My Jamman does this when you run midi clock in to it. When you hit the footswitch to start / stop a loop, it lines it up on the nearest beat. It makes it much easier to time a loop properly. This seems like it should be pretty straightforward.
  3. jrosenberger

    HX Stomp - IEM/FOH without sacrificing block and FX Send/Return

    I have a similar issue, and here's how I've done it so far. I have a Digitech S-Drum pedal, which is a drum machine you can program on the fly with your guitar. It has a guitar in, guitar out, and stereo mixer out. If you plug in just the guitar in/out, the drums come out the guitar output, eq'd for a guitar cab. If you add a plug in the left mixer out, it gets mono drums and the guitar out just gets the dry guitar through. Adding the right mixer out gives you stereo drums. What I want is to get my processed guitar and drums out the stomp headphone port. The best way I've figured so far is running the L/Mono drum output in to the right input of the stomp, and my guitar through the sdrum into the left input. At the beginning of my chain, I split the left input to the top path and the right input to the bottom path. I put the merge before the LA studio comp last in my patches (jason sadites style). The compromise here is that the drums also go into the compressor, but I don't mind that too much; I just use it for practicing anyway. I wish I could put in the split and merge blocks without actually putting one of my 6 precious blocks on path B, but that doesn't seem to be allowed.
  4. I have the same problem. I just got Native in the recent sale. I set it for Stomp compatibility mode, because I have a Stomp and wanted to play with presets away from my guitar. I imported a dry guitar WAV file into reaper, added Native to the FX, and started playing it. I heard both the dry and affected signal. If I put a gain block set to -120db, I still hear the guitar. I was going crazy thinking I had configured reaper incorrectly. I switched to Floor/LT compatibility mode, and now it works correctly, I only hear the processed output. If I put a -120 gain block in, I get silence. I'm running Reaper on OSX, FWIW.
  5. jrosenberger

    2.81 Did we lose the 8 stomp Footswitches view???

    FWIW, the HX stomp has always had the bar.
  6. jrosenberger

    2.8 Amp Models

    I haven't had a chance to play with them much yet, but what are the differences between the fullerton and grammatico models? The description of the LaGrange on the grammatico site doesn't mention any differences from the tweed deluxe it's based on.
  7. jrosenberger

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    I went to post this and found someone already had. Adding it here for more visibility: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HX-Stomp-FS3-wasted-in-Scroll-Mode-make-it-always-Tuner-Tap/950706-23508 If you set FS3 to be a 3rd stomp switch, this affects both scroll mode and preset mode. Having one of your three stomps duplicated in scroll mode makes no sense, and you lose tap/tuner access. I use external FS4 to switch modes, so I can access stomps, presets, and snapshots without leaning over. The one thing I can't get to is tap/tuner.